VGC/WoN Discord- A Gathering Place for Old Friends

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VGC/WoN Discord- A Gathering Place for Old Friends

Postby Hmmfomtgal » June 11th, 2017, 2:59 pm

Welp, my Discord Edition of VG/WoN turned into an interactive version of The Breakfast Club. Join the likes of me (Oh dear God, it's that Hmmfomtgal person), past-mods, the artist, some old WoN users, that one guy pretending to be six people, that other guy who says he's only one person, VG folk, ban griefers... oh, and, yeah, there's that guy nobody remembers, you know, even though he's been here the whole time. We have a cast of 36 (remember to subtract 5 from the initial number) unique individuals, and generally 14 (subtract 5 again) individual users that regularly show up online. Is there a principal force for us to fight against? No. Does the chat contain some deep underlying metaphor about how everyone's the same and we should all get along? Eeeehhhh, well....

It's a chat.
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