Protesting...for Dummies

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Protesting...for Dummies

Postby Infyrin » April 29th, 2015, 8:22 pm

All right, I'm going to be blunt here. But, is it me or am I just tired of it when humanity decides the time to protest is over trivial issues, but when huge issues arise, then we sit on our asses for nothing.

I'm sick already of hearing about the Baltimore Riots as much as I was sick of hearing about the Ferguson protests. Let's see here, in both situations, both were black people. Black people with considerable criminal records, yet the two cities go into a riot on both matters. What started out as a police brutality issue, turns into a racial issue, in both accounts. From my perspective, unorganized as my thoughts are on this, this is all "wah" to me. Police brutality is nothing new, doing it to black people is nothing new. Yet, however, when it happens to any other race...psh, whatever. But blacks? OH MY GOD! DROP EVERYTHING! FLIP THE CARS! MARCH AROUND CITY BLOCKS! HYSTERIA!

I'm convinced that racism will never die even though we're half way in progress from it. We're just deadlocked in half-way. These protests are probably compromised of people who only read the headlines of articles and jumping quickly to conclusions, as well as applying them to their hardwired beliefs.

I believe with where I stand on race, is neither race should get ahead or looked down upon over other races. All of these recent protests are ridiculous and I'm under the firm belief that we lose sight of the importance of what a protest should be about. They've become nothing but an excuse anymore but to raise hell and those two cities are braindead to protest over two criminals. I don't give a damn if they're black, they're criminals in my eyes from what I've read on them. What? Are they suddenly martyrs? Since when? God, stop playing that over abused race card, people...
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Re: Protesting...for Dummies

Postby Jint » April 29th, 2015, 9:08 pm

I don't even think the whole thing is even ABOUT race. Sure, they were criminals but they had lives like everyone else. The real issue is with lazy and lying police taking other people lives and acting like they did nothing.
There are other ways to handle certain situations instead of Immediately pulling out a gun and shooting people to their deaths without even trying to handle the situation from a more humane approach.
And in this case, secretly beating an individual until his spine is severed and making excuses.
And this happens to people more often than you think, it's not just minorities but I do find it disturbing that is the only time people protest.
And that's another thing, protesting will not make ANYTHING better!! If anything it'll just dump fuel on the racial fire and eventually separate this United nation we have, send us back in time to the rivalry era.
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