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Die, Zombies, Die

Postby Dr. Killjoy » February 13th, 2016, 9:04 am

This topic is about your favorite zombie games. This should only cover games oriented around zombies or zombie-like adversaries. Talk a little about things you like about the game, physics, graphics, story, gore factor, you name it.

My personal favorites are the Resident Evil series. Some of the games may be lacking as of late, but the oldies are still there to look back upon, my favorite being RE4. Who doesn't love Resident Evil?
I also like the Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead series. Dead Rising's design gives the player freedom with their methods of dispatching the dead and that's exactly what I like about it, along with the fact that you smack a zombie with a brick and his head explodes off his shoulders and splatters everywhere...
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