Hated Video Game Traits/Mechanics/Gameplay (Opinion)

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Hated Video Game Traits/Mechanics/Gameplay (Opinion)

Postby Infyrin » January 16th, 2016, 12:43 pm

So you're into this one game, right and you get so into it however that brought you into playing it. But you couldn't wrap your mind about something in the game that never ceases to disappoint you, frustrate you or shake your head in utter shame. What is it do you find in particular games in general that you don't like when they're implemented?

For me it's:

Games that make you do double the work for the "Best Ending" -

I come from a time where video games had one directive and objection, which was to beat it and get to the ending. That ending may or may not be mediocre, depending on what you desire out of an ending. It's the feeling of accomplishment you feel after the game is beaten and a challenge conquered. Nowadays and have been for quite a while now. There are games out there where the developers feel that just isn't enough to go one direction. You have games where there's an assortment of ways to beat it, but there's only one way to beat it that will enable you the best ending manageable. Be it having to get Grade 'S' on every level, doing certain actions like choosing Left instead of Right, playing the game over again, 100% Completions and capturing x number of pokemon. Only to be rewarded by some extra couple second clip or the audacity of a epilogue screen. The feeling you get from doing all that? Frustration and the feeling of time wasted when you could've been playing other games or doing anything else. (Example games - Cave Story, Pokemon, Metroid series)

Made to be Difficult -

I label myself as an in-between gamer. I'm casual sometimes but when the mood kicks in just right, I'm up to tackling things at their higher difficulty. I find myself sparingly getting involved with games where it's core difficulty is set on Hard or even Nightmare. Simply because, I know my limits and I don't go trying to punish myself day in and day out on one particular game where I'm just not going to reach a high level. I have a game you might be familiar with on Steam called Ikaruga, a game that is from a genre of it's own called "Bullet Hell" and for good reason. I love it for reasons that, I've played games like it but not as bad like Strikers 1945 and it sortof preps me to take on Ikaruga. Yet, I'm not a fan of the primed for difficulty genre of games. Simply because, I cannot spend my life in the "hardcore" gamer footsteps to master that difficulty on a sole game. I come to a game to beat it and beat it as much as I can and sometimes, as fast as I can.
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Re: Hated Video Game Traits/Mechanics/Gameplay (Opinion)

Postby The Phoenix » February 14th, 2016, 3:59 am

I usually have an issue with games that have too many glitches. Also, I don't mind linear games, but that depends if the game is good. Sometimes I like my path to be more simple instead of too open. And to be honest, the only "open world" game I really like is Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. But yeah, I hate unavoidable glitches. Which cuts the line between a playable game, and a broken one. F*ck Big Rigs.
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Re: Hated Video Game Traits/Mechanics/Gameplay (Opinion)

Postby Gameboy » June 28th, 2017, 10:37 pm

When it was released I hated FFXIV because the gameplay functions were awful. It was hard to do a specific special move and continue fighting. I haven't played it since release day though so it may be better.
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