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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Postby Vivisect » November 1st, 2015, 1:02 pm

What's up bitches. I purchased this game about 3 weeks ago and have been hooked on phonics ever since. To be honest, I had never played any of the previous entries in the series and just decided to get it on the commotion this game apparently has stirred. To my surprise, the game was an entirely different being from which I had imagined. I always judged the game by the title just pushing it away expecting it to be a pokemon type clone.

I created this thread because I was wondering if anyone else here played this game. What tips do you have to offer for a first time hunter? What is important in this game and what is not? What's the best website relating to information on this title?

So far I'm up to three star missions and just been hunting kecha wacha's so I can complete that armor set. I've killed almost a dozen and can't obtain an ear which is necessary for creating some armor. :(
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