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Re: Gaming and Getting Older

Postby Dexter » July 11th, 2015, 12:07 pm

I conquer nearly every game I start. The last game I found myself not wanting to go through entirely was ESO. It's all about finding a way to motivate yourself. For me, I hold off from starting a new game until I finish my last. Otherwise it gets really difficult to go back to an old game and relearn what the heck I was doing before.
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Re: Gaming and Getting Older

Postby Stampfi » September 8th, 2015, 11:54 pm

I can totally relate to the chores part of gaming but I haven't really found an explanation why I feel that way. One part might be that since I make my own money I can more or less buy any game I want instantly. So the excitement of longing for that special game everyone is talking about is long gone. Another thing is that working full-time since forever is actually taking lots of my energy so the feeling of doing chores also occurs when I do other stuff I'd actually like, like reading. Obviously slade's explanation of games being more fun as long as you are naive about them also comes into play. I also haven't bought a console and new games when they were rather newly out and after buying the PS4 I have to say my excitement (also in combination with playing HD games the first time ever) about gaming is on an all time high right now (let's see how long it lasts tho... :cool: ).
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