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VGC Discord

Postby Hmmfomtgal » August 28th, 2016, 5:02 pm

I hope nobody minds, but in an attempt to revive the old Video Game Chatroom, I have made a Discord VGC I pop my head into the Video Game Chat room every 6+ months or so. Usually someone will answer me after about an hour. Today I was there for a few hours. Nobody was on. The forum informed me that out of the 20 people viewing VG's Front Page, I was the only one with a registered account. I re-checked the chat and found nearly month-old posts asking "*insert date here* Anybody online?" This saddens me. So I created a Discord.

[For those of you who don't know what Discord is]( It is a chat client that allows for the creation of private servers. The VGC server is, in its current state, bare-bones. However, Discord offers multiple chat security features (two-step verification, registration verification, etc.) that can be enabled for spam-prevention. [Discord also has its own development tools]( to allow for bot creation (IP Detection, spam detection, etc.).

Bear in mind that this is not meant to replace the current chat room. Rather, it is a place for old and new members alike to gather together. The great thing about Discord is that it notifies you of when people are online. Because VGC is not the only chatroom on Discord, people are more apt to be online, therefore more apt to check the room and more likely to notice notifications. This means more chat activity, and hopefully we will be able to redirect some of that activity into the old chat.

"Well that's fine and dandy, but you can't just appoint yourself as the leader like that." On the contrary, I am more than happy to transfer room ownership permissions to someone like Jesse Smith. Additionally, current mods and admins of the VG Chat are qualified for mod and admission permissions on the Discord VG. As long as they are able to provide proof, I will assign them their respective mod and admin roles.

Let's revive our childhood chat.
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