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12/02/23 - 0()oO•°: HHRM... OLOLOLOLO~~~ M do3s anyon3 Know what to dowiutjh a bloatedl ung!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!? ik ind of ~ lolooo~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~ overdid tthe pump... LOLOLOO.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ . thing lololololo!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~ OLOLLO.... ,, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO
12/02/23 - 0()oO•°: perhapz you can conrt1bute to teh spooTid da yeve party!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~ COME 2 MY FTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ I OWN KJ00 WHATZ FRO SUPPER!?!?? HACK THE PLANNET BECUZ I \\\\////\\\\////ILL HACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~
12/02/23 - 0()oO•°: try this p0ufr lightar fluid on urleGs ,light it, w4it l-2 secOnds fro tewh haIr to burn ofg, then jump 1N teh nearst swimMing po07~~~~~~~ ONT RIPE ME OFF C4USe I W1L7 AHCk HINT: MAKE SURE YOU AHVE LKOC*D S SWIMMINGF POOL BEFROE TRYING HTIS,,, lolollololo
12/01/23 - 0()oO•°: olollolololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OLOLLLOLOLOLOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ DONT RIPE ME OFF BECUZ YOU SuX0 LOOLOLOLOLOLOOOLOL~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!1~~
12/01/23 - 0()oO•°: goundz himse7f by puttiing his car key 1nr oteh soX)ret Of !!!!!!!~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~ COM 2 MY FRTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 hack the plannet ebcause I will haX)r y0u. , AHXOR YOUUUUUUU cUzz 1 will hhaX)rr ... ololllolollollo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/28/23 - 0()oO•°: 0F C0URSE, EWITH TEH TREM3NFOUS AAIILABVILITY OF LaND IN TEH WHOLe STUBID STAT3, NOTHING SI P7ANNED TH1NGS JUSTR APPEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 as such, ew ahve no ohpe for,ass transit
11/28/23 - 0()oO•°: GASH!!!!!!!!!!! .. YOIUS CUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 . OLOOLOLO~~~ now i soUnD like ifnch!!!!!!!!1~~ you are siuck bexause I wil7 ahck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~ ... Y0U R L4M ECAUSE YOIU ARE LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ ~~~~~ U SUX0R
11/28/23 - 0()oO•°: i ahve to breaki |\| teh middle of Work at 7 LOLOLLOLOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 55PM BECCUZ I SUDDENLU REME,MBAAR TEH BUILDING IM IN Is ON ITS EARLYC LOSING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~~ come to muy ftp
11/27/23 - 0()oO•°: ohh~~ gottag o~~~ i m wirking uoT in an hour!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~ UGH 8:00 a,,, m come 2 my ftp s1 way too 34rly to be doiNg Th1s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ co/\/\e 2 my Fpt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 I WILL SHCK YOIUUUU
11/27/23 - 0()oO•°: wrigfht elft at the end of teh season ot fulfI7 a boyhood dream by playoNg foRqwest ham, thEn wet to scotland to plAy for celtic, amnD final7y retired froom teh warze at the dn ofl sat season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 H3 SACOR3D 184 FRO ARsNEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/27/23 - 0()oO•°: a goal maachine. finally, sagainst bo7ton wanderers, at highbury, wright scroed his fifth club aht-TriXOR and teh second goal tiok himt o 17(, breakiNg a sev3nty-year reecrod hrld byc liff bastin!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~~
11/27/23 - 0()oO•°: htis ian wright is, quite simply, arsenals grateest ever go4lsscroer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ in 1991, he signed fro thearsen4l, scorin gon his debut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ LLOLOLOL!!!!!!111~~~ mkaign treh jumber 8 shirt his own, wrighty aws, uite simply
11/25/23 - 0()oO•°: teh ad/\/\ins 4re secretly pan|\|nig to 7easve us in the dusyt!?!?!? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~ ?????????????? ~ oololololololl!!!!!1~~ ?!??!?!?!?!? !!!!!~~~~~ !?!?!?? h4ck the p;lannat cause I will haX)R ~~~
11/25/23 - 0()oO•°: ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 WON JPOO LOLOLOLOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ .. you are suck becauZ u suX0r !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 I will ahck/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ .. lollololoololo~ . . !!!!!!!!!!1 COMe 2mTY FPT... LOLOLOO
11/25/23 - 0()oO•°: !!!!!!!!11~~~~ rrrr.. !!!!!!11 !!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 / OLLOLOLOLOLOOLOLLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~ rrrrrrrrrrrrr, ~~~~~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!11~~ LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ rrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~
11/25/23 - 0()oO•°: freaking rob0t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~ ocmE 2 ym ftp!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~ lololololo~
11/24/23 - 0()oO•°: MA;LFUNCTIUoN : ... . lololololoollo... . ,,, ~~ OLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLO... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~~ loloololololololol!!!!!!!11~~ !!!!!!!!!11~~~~ ... ~~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ COm TO MY FTP . !!!!!!!!1~ rrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~~ LOLOLOL
11/23/23 - 0()oO•°: I SE HTAT I HAVE BEE|\| IML4MERTAED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 LOLOLOLLOLOLOLOOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~ olololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~ i qwant losg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 ~~ come to my ftp!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~
11/22/23 - 0()oO•°: okay, welL!!!!!!!~ lololololloo~ LOLOL!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~ LOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ .. !!!!!111 UH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~ ahck the polann3t ci zyou r lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ ololololollololo .. maybe thAt ahppened... d!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ d
11/21/23 - 0()oO•°: try gfiVing a plush ssquieaky toy to someone as a gfift oetime, and u wIll get a polite smile and a what teh i on j00!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~ ololololololololol~ ... ololollo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 ?????????? typ3 look!!!!!!~~~~
11/21/23 - 0()oO•°: uemmm!!!!!111~~~~~~ come t0 MY ftp!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~ EXCUSE /\/\E~~ ,, .. i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 THIR Is A RATIO DONT RIPE Me OFF !!!!!!!!!1~~~~~ DONT RIPE ME OFF ollolololol.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~
11/21/23 - 0()oO•°: wh4t you offer si Chaos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~ OLOLOLOLOLOLOLO a c7oNe th4t is completely convinced he si the original. !!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~ aqnd in fcat, iz, ev3n though he isnt reall;y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~ OLOLOLLOL
11/20/23 - 0()oO•°: no, i cou7d do \/\/ithuot that~~~~~~~ LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO~~ 1ts not fear of betrayal -- Itz jealousy.. LOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLO I LIKE KNOWING THAT IM UNIQUE, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!!!!!!111 I KL1KE HAVING A SeNSE OF INdIVIDUALITY.. OLOLOLOLOLO