Sean Fury vs. Lightning

Posted by Sean Fury

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Posted by Lunar X

As the earth started to shake and rumble, Jack, a bike messenger at Urban Express skidded to a stop. "What the hell is going on?" As he looked around, the darkened with black clouds; suddenly, four bolts of lightning crashed down in front of him. With each one just seconds apart, a large crowd had started to run the opposite way, while Jack just stood there stunned by what he saw. "OH MY ****ING ***!!!! IT'S WAR OF THE WORLDS ALL OVER AGAIN!!!" he screamed.

"No," said a calm voice behind him. "As Jack spun around he saw a young man, just standing there. "See, I just needed to startle the people way from here. My friend and I have a fight here in about...Oh five minutes or less"

Jack just looked at the man with his jaw dropped. The man had on baggy blue jeans with large side pockets, a tight black T-shirt, long, over grown hair flowing in the breeze, blue eyes that seemed to blaze like the lightning that had fallen just seconds ago, and his whole body cracking slightly from electricity that to Jack, seemed to be coming out of the fighter AND going back into his body. This young man just calmly took a sip of his coffee and said, "You know, you may wanna get outta here too dude." With that he hurled the empty coffee cup into the air, snapped his fingers, and another lightning bolt fell from the sky, obliterating the cup. "I never had been one for littering, you know", he said to now scared Jack with wet pants.

"DEMON! GET A WAY FROM ME YOU FREAK!!" Jack seemed to have found his voice. he grabbed his bike and peddled as fast a s possible down the street.

"Should I," Lightning laughed. "...why not?" As the panicked Jack crashed into a street sign, spectators, had there have been any would have said that Lightning had twitched.

Lightning just laughed as he looked Jack, now a pile on his face, mixed with his bike, bearing a large RA painted on his back, to mach the one on the sign that had read "5th Avenue" and "W 8th Street."

Posted by Sean Fury

The sky ceased its assault of lightning bolts, and when the people of New York began to think the terror was over, the clouds would part, and God would cast his grace upon them...they were wrong. The clouds darkened ominously, with a glowering anger as they laid still birthed upon the city, as if New York was the only place to receive the divine judgment; which was what some would call this. However, this was no diving judgment, there was no God acting part here, just two bored teenagers. Who just happened to possess some of the most amazing powers in the universe, on the grounds of what some would call Godly-strength. The clouds began to vortex, spinning around in one spot for a moment, this spot located above Lightning's head, and without a warning, a thick blast shot down from the Heaven's, nearly decapitating the teen in the street.

"You know better than to play in the street."

A familiar voice sounded behind Lightning, as he emerged unscathed from the thunderous bolt. He turned with a sly grin to see the face of his ever-long rival, Sean Fury, glowing with that effervescent lime-green hue that dawdled like flames on logs under a chimney. Sean was draped in his regular cargo pants, green/silver shirt, and his one hand held his glasses twirling them about as he often stopped to chew on the ends.

"Whenever you're ready."

"Funny, I was about to say the same thing."

Sean stomped his right foot and hollered in a foreign language, one unfamiliar to Lightning, but familiar enough for him to recognize its Asian roots as Japanese. The spot beneath Sean's right foot cracked as he stomped and a rippling sensation began, shooting out in wide circles until it encompasses a good twenty yards by twenty yards. Lightning, slightly surprised by the rippling, stumbled backwards and nearly fell over if it wasn't for his cunning reflexes. A nearby fire hydrant suddenly sprang to life, sending a massive nut flying across Lightning's original standing point and into a window, which then broke, continued into a bookcase, which then fell over, and lastly landed in a TV which happened to be in the middle of a motorcycle repair show. Lightning glanced up at Sean, only to realize he was now glowing vibrantly with that neon green color flame. But it was no ordinary flame, it was actually Sean's inner energy, it merely appeared as flames because of his innate element, the one he was connected most closely to: fire.

"It's been awhile since our last fight, I brought some new techniques with me. Enjoy this."

The twenty yard by twenty circle suddenly began to vibrate again, and within seconds, a lucid half-circle formed over Sean and Lightning's heads. Lightning appeared to be confused, but played it off as approval of the new technique, but still stood at the ready to defend against any and all attacks Sean would launch. Suddenly, Sean stomped his left foot forward adjacent to his right, and immediately was into a sprint before Lightning realized what was going on, Sean was within feet of him. He prepared to attack, but Sean leapt forward into a handstand and did a multi-spin-flip over his head and out of the aura. Lightning immediately turned to go after him, but slammed into the barrier instead. Sean made out the three words Lightning immediately said and chuckled in a mysterious way, then pointed behind him so that he turned and saw that in the center of the half-circle a single point was beginning to extend, glowing brighter than the entire circle. The clouds, though they seemed bent on staying, slowly drifted away as if a powerful wind was blowing them away, and as they disappeared, the light from the sky seemed to as well. Sean looked to his right wrist, to his watch which was blinking:

"If only you knew, what was in store for you."

Suddenly, the point erupted down into the ground and a shockwave ensued with the power of a twenty on the Richter Scale for an earthquake. Lightning was tossed about the ground violently, like a rag doll amongst noon traffic in this very street, and though the earthquake was a terror, it seemed to only occur within the confines of this aura dome. Without warning, the ground erupted into Lightning, chunks of earth and multiple levels of energy blowing him back and forth like 3-D ping-pong as he ricocheted off the dome's sides and back into the mayhem. Sean glanced around quickly, then at his watch again, which was blinking 6:47 PM now. Then, looking up into his dome, which was slowly letting itself down, he stepped back to avoid a falling rock and the oncoming dust which quickly settled. Lightning then appeared, lying in the middle of the circle, bruised and battered, bloody and broken, yet he still managed to rise up to a knee and stare mindlessly in Sean's general direction.

"Shit, you should still be down for another forty-five seconds, I don't want to drag this out into my new move, but oh well."

Sean suddenly leapt forward, slamming a knee into Lightning's chin, sending him barreling down the road and into a light pole. Lightning moaned as he felt the ruptured pain in his jaw, which he had the strangest feeling was dislocated and grim-stricken with a pain he'd never felt before: surprise. He'd never expected that last strike, especially from Sean, who would normally use some other form of attack, but it didn't matter anymore. Sean cracked his neck slowly, making a loud, but feel-good, popping sound and stepped forward towards Lightning.

"By the power of the moon, I will destroy you."

Posted by Lunar X

Lightning stayed down on the ground for a second and thought hard about what his opponent could be doing. He knew that, normally, Sean wouldn't have done that last blow, and instead would have toyed with him, unless he was just trying to waste some...time... It suddenly clicked in his head as to what he could be doing.

Lightning swung his left foot around, towards his opponent

Posted by Sean Fury

Sean whinged on the ground, his back feeling the burning asphalt through his thin shirt, through the many tears it now encompassed. It hurt, it hurt to move, it hurt to breath, and as Sean knew quite well, it hurt to live. But this battle was far from over; and his arm moved. Slowly he arose, stumbling as he did so in what some would call a drunken stupor, and he took a knee. He opened his mouth for a breath of fresh air, but as he did so, static electricity shot outwards from the moisture on his tongue, shocking him sharply so that he fell back onto his God. Lightning couldn't stop grinning, but it would be Sean who was grinning in the end. Pushing himself forward onto both knees, he leapt up and stood with a fierce gaze at Lightning. Suddenly, his hands found his tattered shirt and with a quick thrust, tore it from his body and tossed it to the side. Willing all the energy in his body outwards, a brilliant flame of red slowly began to appear around him, and then seemed to roar like a real fire as it enlargened. Sean gritted his teeth and inhaled sharply, shutting his eyes tightly at the same moment his body took in the air. The flame seemed to gravitate down closer to Sean's body, coating his flesh with its crimson hue. Slowly, as Lightning saw, the flame seemed to dissipate, and unbeknownst to him, it was actually finding its way into Sean's wound, slowly closing them. An excruciating and most painful experience, but it was well worth the effort, because once the flame was completely gone, Sean could move freely again. He stepped forward to make sure, and everything seemed fine, except for the small static shocks he continuously got every time he moved.

Sean could feel his energy more freely now, but he could also feel the bits of electricity running with it, shocking him at the most convenient times. He realized that Lightning had just made a big mistake. Kicking off his shoes and pulling off his socks, one by one, Sean stood in merely his baggy pants, glowering at Lightning. The cool breeze felt good, Sean thought, as it struck his naked skin so smoothly. It was relaxing, but was not a time for relaxation, but action.

"I hope you like my newest trick...Agoraphobia!"

Lightning had been in high school, he had taken health class, he knew what Agoraphobia was: Fear of Lightning. He began to chuckle, Sean's newest technique involved being afraid of his enemy? Then Lightning looked up towards Sean, he saw that he had his hand up, figured like a gun and aiming towards him.

"How many times do I have to tell you, guns don't..."

[color=limegreen]"BANG; Hahaha, you

Posted by Lunar X

Lightning lay in the bathtub his body bruised and battered with Sean's glaring face just a few feet away. As he looked onto his opponent

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[color=black]His eyes rolled, basically in circles, stretching their limits and pushing out as if trying to escape from their pulsing prison. Sean would swear, one day, that during this time his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he saw his brain, but we all know that is impossible due to the fact that you see because of light rays and etc. etc, but it was easier just to say