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OOC: I had posted this a while back, intending to do something very specific with it. I hope lunny won't mind if I take this and grab Strike for a battle?

[COLOR="Cyan"]::As DK settled upon the surface of the long-dead planet Meis, he couldn't help but smile to himself. Once, long ago, this planet functioned as the center of a vast interstellar civilisation. A race of techno-vikings once known as the Valari. For eons they wracked the galaxies, plundering, raping, pillaging, and taking whatever they wanted. When they returned victorious, they would come here to pray to their savage ***s. The entire planet had been a place of worship, cluttered with vast alabaster citadels and majestically marbled chapels, where the ancient barbarians prayed. Long ago, they were the scourge of the cosmos.

But not now, much to DK's amusement.

He'd given them time, and he'd given them opportunity to mend their evil ways, time to come to ***. But they had not seen the light, they had not heeded his commands. So he'd decimated them, down to the last. He'd scoured the free galaxies clean of any Valari presence once and for all. His first stroke had been against Meis itself, leveling the holy planet in one fell stroke. It had been one of his most prominent acts as an Aegis. One he was most proud of. Now the planet was utterly abandoned, leaving only the ruins of those once vast and majestic citadels to tell the story of the Valari.

It was here he'd buried Rapture, the malicious techno weapon made for an Aegis. So frightful was it's destructive power that Coren had bade the UAC discontinue research on the project. Coren himself had taken the prototype for safekeeping. And here it was buried, deep within the surface of Meis.

Coren would come here every few months, to ensure that none had dared disturb the sleeping beast. He made sure it would never again rise from the soil to terrorize the cosmos. This had been some years ago, and he'd kept his word even to this day.


Something had changed about Meis. He sensed the presence of another. By his judgement, it had to be another Class A-1 superbieng like himself. As he reached out with his senses, a slow smile crept up his cheeks, and achuckle rumbled in his stomach. He knew. He knew exactly who was approaching. This would be an invigorating day indeed.:: [/COLOR]

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OoC: You still owe me a conclusion to this fight by the way, y'*******. I'll delete this post when Strike responds.

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no worries...strike and i are hard at work on other creative endeavors. he'll not be attending. I'm merely here to get the juices going again.