Missile + Bomb hunting areas? (NES)

Posted by SomeCrazyGuy

need to know the best place to hunt for missiles and energy... I just got to Tourian, and have no more missiles after testing out the Metroids' capabilities and searching through the area... So... I need to be able to aquire about 200+ missiles without going insane from boredom.


5 energy tanks
225 missile maximum
Currently in Tourian
No missiles in stock (Can't kill metroids)
Screw attack
Varia suit
Maru Mari
High Jump
Freeze beam

I hope I can get some help with this... (I just got this 3 days ago, GBA version of NES version... Had it on NES 11 years ago, but mom stupidly gave it away to a brat in Maine who proceded to break it days later... I was stocked and ready to take on Mother Brain in an all-out bout... u_u') Whatever help I get, thanks! n_n

(Spelling mistakes ignored because I simply don't care at this moment in time)