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Get in here and get yer bums handed to ya! Free for all style!

::Of all the planets in all the star systems in all the galaxies throughout the universe, the planet senoban had always been known as the coldest by far. Molten steel injected into it's frigid atmosphere would become cold enough to shatter on the planet's icy surface long before it ever reached the ground. Since it's discovery, the planet Senoban has been a solid producer of freon and other refrigerants throughout the Sollus Galaxy. Only a few super rich corporations dared to mine it's surface for such refrigerants, for the expense of engineering a facility to resist such bitter temperatures very nearly outweighed the profit of minind the frigid gasses, even in bulk.::

::A largely uninhabited planet, with a climate inhospitable to indigenous life, therefore almost utterly deserted. The perfect place to hold an event such as the one about to unfold.::

::A a twinkling of white light was all that signaled Coren's entrance into this forbidding planet's atmosphere, and the only herald of his landing on it's surface was the low crunch of powdery snow as Coren landed lightly in the center of a massive plain of ice. As his white wings dissapated into ambient energy, the White Angel kracked his knuckles, surveying the landscape. Thick clouds allowed only a dim gray light into the atmopsphere, and the human eye could only see a few hundred feet around him due to the constant bombardment of snow. Coren smiled, nodding in satisfaction. A perfect setup.::

::From a small pouch hanging from his belt, Coren produced two items resembling technologically advanced lawn-darts. Twisting the top of the first object, he knelt, smalling it into the ground, and from it emmanated a dome of pure invisible force, beating back the torrential snow and bitter cold for miles around. The storm raged outside, but within, the air was now a crisp 65 decrees farenheit. Another satisfied nod.::

::The second, he pushed into the ground somewhat gently, tapping the top of the mechanism, which began to blink bright red. A beacon. An ear shattering call sent through the universe to summon those he sought. They would hear...they would come...and they would die.::

::Coren stood once more, stretching his shoulders, his right hand reaching behind his left shoulder to clench firmly around Absolution's familiar leather grip. He raised the thick silver blade over his shoulder slowly, in a wide arc before planting it's tip into the snowbank. They would come..and the White Angel would be ready.::

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"Two o'clock in the fucking morning..."

She mumbled to herself as she stumbled out of her cozy bed.

"Two o'clock in the fucking morning..."

Why couldn't she sleep? This constant ringing was driving her insane. Reverberating in her skull, the piercing shriek was all she could hear or think about. Rubbing her eyes as she walked onto the cold tiles of the bathroom, she flicked on the light with her right index finger. Adjusting her eyes, she blinked oddly until she could see herself clearly in the mirror. Staring at herself blankly, a multitude of thoughts ran through her mind: She looked like crap, who the hell was making that confounded noise, why am I standing here looking at myself, what the hell is this noise, I'm going to hurt the first person I see...

Grumbling, she retraced her steps back into the bedroom and picked up her bag. shuffling around, she took off her night gown and changed into her classic outfit. Adjusting the trench coat, she felt as if she was missing something. Too angry to think, she ripped her finger through the air and the dimension split around her. Stepping through, she sowed the tear back together.


Hurling to the frozen tundra below, a shrill whining noise flew through the air. Looking above him, Coren's eyes caught the form only for a brief moment before the dark orb smashed into the beacon, obliterating it into nothing more than ash.

Grinning to herself... she felt slightly satisfied.

"Wait... no, that didn't do it."

Similar to the first, eight more spheres of null-energy raged into the ground, digging a hole deeper and completly vaporizing anything that could be possibly left.


Falling from seventy feet in the air, her body fell to the warming arena. Dead asleep, Coren's expression was priceless as she began to snore.

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Oooook...Is it just me an' Lunny or what?

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Hmm...almost missed this. I'll be in shortly. I've got some things to take care of tonight, but I should have an entrance up by the end of the weekend.

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*Puts a rose on the grave of the thread*

May my writing decompose in peace.

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and such lovley writing it is... and a bit funny...

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