Shinigami Quest, Chapter 1: A Day in Heaven

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Rules and Disclaimer: Take control over any characters you wish at any time, especially the NPCs or characters you created. Move this forward post by post, like the quests of old days. I have a skeleton of a story to keep us going, so we never get stuck, but I am hoping you'll use your creativity to flesh it out.

I don't care too much for validity with the Bleach storyline. For that purpose we'll be writing as if all the captains and vice-captains are the same as they were before Aizen's betrayal. Most notable changes are that Aizen and his subordinates are still around, and nowhere near suspicion. Yoruichi Shihouin (the "cat") and Kisuke Urahara have not yet been banished. We'll assume Kenpachi and Hitsugaya have recently ascended into their posts.

I know I said that the story was approximately 200 years before, but as a more effective date let's treat it like the late 1800s - approximately 125 years before Ichigo.

In other words, no one's gonna jump down your throat if you didn't remember this-and-that detail from this-and-that flashback in the Bleach storyline. =)

[COLOR="Navy"]"Forgive Me..."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="lightgreen"]Kazuo Okayama bowed stiffly to Byakuya, who he had accidentally elbowed into a barricade as they passed each other. Kuchiki bowed stiffly in return.
"Where are you headed in such a hurry?"[/COLOR]
"To a meeting, all the Captains have been called. Surely as a member of the Commander-General's own Division you do not remain so ignorant?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]"Oh, I think I remember the Yamamoto-chan saying something!"[/COLOR] retorted Okayama, looking comically to the sky, tapping his chin with his finger. Kuroi, standing beside his friend, did his best to be taken aback so as to not displease his pretend-Captain.
"You are insolent as ever, referring to the Commander-General in such a common way,"[/COLOR] sniffed Byakuya as he huffed off toward his meeting, apparently unwilling to share his honerable presence any longer.

As Kazuo made a mock-scared expression to Kuroi as they turned a corner, and burst out laughing.
"Too bad you must always look the fool!"[/COLOR] said Kuroi between chuckles, [COLOR="Navy"]"If only he knew your true station."[/COLOR]
"That is our lot, friend. Let the dark things stay in darkness... for I can savor the true memory of taking his honor at the point of my Zanpakuto... even if he cannot recollect it.

... I'd better be off to that meeting."[/COLOR]

With that, Kazuo, with a swift look around, blended in with the shadow on the wall and vanished.[/color]

For the Intro, show us a day in the life of your character... life in Sereitei and posing as members of the Gotei 13.

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For this list of characters I will be listing them in American Fashion (First Name followed by Surname) If I've switched your character's name around by accident, let me know.

The Current Gotei 13 Officers;

Division 1 - Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai, Chōjirō Sasakibe
Division 2 - Yoruichi Shihouin, Soifon
Division 3 - Gin Ichimaru, Izuru Kira
Division 4 - Retsu Unohana, Isane Kotetsu
Division 5 - Sōsuke Aizen, Momo Hinamori
Division 6 - Byakuya Kuchiki, Renji Abarai
Division 7 - Sajin Komamura, Tetsuzaemon Iba
Division 8 - Shunsui Kyōraku, Nanao Ise
Division 9 - Kaname Tōsen, Shūhei Hisagi
Division 10 - Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Rangiku Matsumoto
Division 11 - Kenpachi Zaraki, Yachiru Kusajishi
Division 12 - Kisuke Urahara, Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Division 13 - Jūshirō Ukitake, Kaien Shiba

Haken "Secret Division 14", Black Ops, quick-reference list;
1. Kazuo Okayama (agent of D1)
2. Kuroi Kurasawa (agent of D13)
3. Shun Hikaru (agent of D6)
4. Seiji Tenyama (agent of D9)
5. Yuu Tenyama (agent of D10)
6. Mayumi Miyamoto (agent of D2)
7. Washi (agent of D11)
8. Takeshi Hattori (agent of D8)
9. Natsuki Takahashi (agent of D4)
10. Kouhei Ibaraki (agent of D3)
11. Rin Mori (agent of D5)
12. Kenta Moshi (agent of D12)
13. Shou Yoshida (agent of D7)

The Haken Division;

Seat 1; Kazuo Okayama, agent of Division 1. (Strike)

Age; 300 years since death, appears 18.

Zanpakuto; Fukizai Kurayami, "Concealed in Darkness"

Physical Description; Blue, wavy hair in thick loose spikes. Thin, 6'1", clean-shaven and boyish, with an ever-serious expression.

Personality and History; Quiet and Ponderous, Brisk to a point, but not unkind. There was a toss-up in leadership between Kazuo and Kuroi for Squad Captainship, but Kuroi yielded, stating that Kazuo was better suited for the Squad's purpose, and at overall leadership. While that may or may not be true, it is still often rumored that Kuroi is equal to Kazuo in strength, if not better, but prefers to work alone. One thing is certain; the two share an incredible bond, and working together as Captain and Vice-Captain, well... things get done.

Seat 2: Kuroi Kurosawa, Agent of Division 6. (Dee Kay)

Age: 300 years P.D. (looks about 23)

Zanpakuto: Kumori Sanjakunoshuusui "The Sharpened Shadow Sword"
NOTE: Kumori Sanjakunoshuusui is a massive, sleek, six foot long hunk of sharp black steel. Kuroi's abilities are such that he can maintain his zanpakuto's released form indefinitely, so he chooses to keep it's true form released. Though it only has enough length at the handle to accomodate one hand, he wields it as though it were virtually weightless.

Shikai: "Sankonpaku." Kumori Sanjakunoshuusui becomes three swords, which float around Kuroi, moving and striking at his bidding. These three swords can also be interlocked and spun like a giant, ultra-destructive shuriken. Command: Split.

Description: Tall and lean, he has torn off the sleeves of his shinigami uniform to reveal tightly muscled arms, and leaves the chest of the robes wide open, showcasing a strange circular symbol tattooed on the center of his chest. He is bald, though this isn't of much consequence, for he wears a black woven bamboo shade, pulled low in front to obscure the sight of his eyes.

History: For 300 years, since his death at the hands of the Hollow, he has fought to discover the identity of the hollow creature who slaughtered his wife and daughtert, making him watch until it was his turn. Despite all the teachings he has endured in order to try and let his past life go, he clasps it in his heart to this day, and keeps it there to fester. Only Kaz, his oldest and truest friend, seems to shed light on the shadows looming in his heart. Though he could have easily won the Fourteenth squad's Captaincy, he yielded to Kazuo. The concept of leadership matters little to him. He lives only to slaughter Hollows, prefferably through the most violent means available.

Seat 3: Shun Hikaru, agent of Division 13. (Non-Existent)

Age: 230 P.D. (looks early twenties)

Zanpakuto: Gizagiza Touken (Serrated Swords), appears as a pocket watch in its concealed form. In the released form, Gizagiza becomes two identical serrated katanas. The spirit of Gizagiza is a unique one, in that it is a twin-spirit; two beautiful woman with long black hair and pale skin. Gizagiza is the sister who never opens her eyes and Touken is the sister that never speaks.

Shikai: Tsukemawaru (To Follow)- after swinging one of the katanas and saying the former, the blade will unlock and become seven shuriken which lock on to their target

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Just as a note, my preference is that I would much rather have every-day short, simple posts. Long, well-written and complicated is nice sometimes, but this story will never get going that way and... frankly... I've put too much work into this for it to die in Chapter 1.

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I never noticed them explain anything about anyone's quarters (aside from seeing Aizen's room the one time), so I'm just going to assume that everyone pretty much has a standard little apartment with what they need in it, but they're all split up based on division and the Captain/Lieutenant's quarters are always just that tiny bit better.

Shun grumbled unhappily, hanging slightly over the edge of the balcony outside Kaien's room. Kaien had promised to go out with him and screw off, but of course, all the Captains had a meeting. Sighing with an agitated tone, Shun scratched his head and stared up at the sky.
"What a bother."
"What's a bother?"
Shun turned around to find Takeshi Hattori, his friend and a fellow agent from their...special division.
"What's up Oni?" Shun remarked playful, giving Takeshi a nudge.
"Ha-ha." He replied with a grin, "Probably the same as you. Bored. But it does give me a chance to relax and..." He paused for a second as a few female Shinigami passed underneath, "Check out everything a bit more. They never give us any free time."
"You got that right." Shun said in agreement, sighing in-tune with Takeshi. "Well. Let's go make some fun."
Shun shoved Takeshi and they both walked off.

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In Division 9's dojo, the Tenyama brothers were having a sparring session. Using their actual zanpakuto' instead of wooden practice bokkens, the two brothers faced off, circling each other warily. Yuu leapt in hastily to strike, his blow glanced to the side and dodged. He spun around quickly, his new sideways slash parried into the sword-catcher in Seiji's hilt. Just as Seiji twisted his blade, threatening to wrench the sword from Yuu's hands, Yuu cried;

[COLOR="Navy"]"Roar, Soyokaze no Kyouran!".[/COLOR]

A brilliant light spilt into the dojo from the blade, which ceremoniously split in two. Yuu quickly came at Seiji's side, open while his sword-catcher remained busy parrying Yuu's right-handed blade.

[COLOR="Navy"]"Awaken, Koori no Youjinbou!"[/COLOR] cried Seiji, and his zanpakuto divided evenly into two shields, just in time for him to block the impact from Yuu's left blade. They stood at a stalemate for a moment, before leaping back to regain stance and have at it again.

Observing from a corner, Natsui Takahasi and Shou Yoshida were accompanied with several members of squad 9 and 10, who watched in awe.

[COLOR="Navy"]"How are they bold enough to practice indoors with their actual zanpakuto, instead of practice swords? Are they not afraid of hurting each other, being brothers?"[/COLOR] asked Shou, his eyes widened as he watched the battle.

[COLOR="Navy"]"They are evenly matched."[/COLOR] answered Natsui, combing back her red hair in her fingers and watching in a relaxed manner. [COLOR="Navy"]"I used to be nervous when watching them, but they are the same power in opposite style. Seiji concentrates on defense and preventative tactics, and Yuu is completely speed and offense-based. In a way... they are perfect comrades, as well as perfect for testing the other's skills."[/COLOR]

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At the captain's meeting, the captains all stood facing each other in two straight lines of 6, with Yamamoto at the head, leaning on a gnarled walking-stick. Behind each captain stood their lieutenant, whose job it was to take down notes and keep their mouths shut.

[COLOR="Navy"]"We've called this meeting to address a growing issue on Earth. A faction of humans, similar to the Quincy and Bount, has become more and more active over the past few months. They call themselves the Ousho. Yourichi's Special Attack Forces have uncovered some information."[/COLOR]

Yamamoto turned the attention to Yourichi, a dark, slim, cat-like figure wearing a captain's uniform. Unlike how we've become accustomed to seeing her, she wore a zanpakuto at her belt. The lights dimmed, and a video-like screen appeared on the wall behind her.
"This is footage we've recovered from a small Japanese province at night."[/COLOR]

It was a video of the basic hollow attack. A large demon with a white mask appeared in the middle of a beautiful garden, and two souls stood terrified and alone. Suddenly a brilliant flash lit the screen as a man wearing a white uniform, wielding a bow of spiritual power, fired upon the hollow, blasts of spiritual energy glancing off it's mask but leaving deep gashes. The hollow made horrifying noises and made to advance, the Quincy drawing back a super-charged arrow aimed right at the hollow's eye, when he was clubbed in the head from behind by a shadowy figure.

The Quincy fell uncerimoniously to the ground, unconscious. Several more shadowy figures materialized from the darkness, and a bright web of energy spread out over the hollow, encasing it and apparently sapping the life from it. The two human spirits huddled in fear.
"What should we do with these two?"[/COLOR] cried a man's voice.

[COLOR="Navy"]"Take them with us, they'll come useful."[/COLOR] came another voice.

The hollow vanished in a flash of light, apparently sucked with the two spirits into a small box-like object, and within moments, the scene was empty except for the unconscious Quincy. The video faded to a screen of black.

[COLOR="Navy"]"The Quincy?"[/COLOR] asked Urahara, standing idly by with his hands folded.
"Modified Memory."[/COLOR] answered Yourichi.

[COLOR="Navy"]"Fascinating. These humans not only succeeded in capturing a particularly deadly hollow, but actually saved it's life in order to do so..."[/COLOR] said Gin, smiling.

[COLOR="Navy"]"So that was the Ousho?"[/COLOR] asked Sajin, the helmet muffling his voice slightly, [COLOR="Navy"]"What do they want, what is their purpose?"[/COLOR]
"We haven't found that out exactly. We think they may be trying to gather spiritual energy, or perhaps even study the hollow... but for what purpose-"[/COLOR] Yourichi was interrupted.

[COLOR="Navy"]"They want to become hollows, skipping the phase of death and retaining human intelligence and form,"[/COLOR] answered Kazuo, stepping casually from the shadows. [COLOR="Navy"]"They want no less than to rise to power, extracting the power of the demons, while still in life on earth and retaining their body."[/COLOR]

The captains all stood back in shock. Byakuya spoke first.
"What are you doing, this is a captain's meeting! You are not supposed to be here."[/COLOR]

Kazuo looked around for a moment, staring each captian in the face. The darkness settled on his shoulders as an inverted-color version of the Captain's uniform. His face was expressionless.

[COLOR="Navy"]"I am the Watcher in the Darkness, and Captian of the Haken Division number 14. Our purpose is to keep dark things in darkness, while upholding the honor of Seireitei. We watch earth more closely than any other division, including the Stealth Assault Force. And, in times of dire need, we arise to quench the threat."[/COLOR]

Kazuo looked to Yamamoto, who spoke.
"So the allotted time has come?"[/COLOR]
"I'm afraid the designated circumstances have arrived."[/COLOR] answered Kazuo. The Commander-General nodded.
"Listen everyone! This is now considered an emergency situation. Do everything Kazuo says." [/COLOR]Yamamoto addressed the room sharply, turning the attention back to Kazuo.

[COLOR="Navy"]"Haken Division 14 is being dispatched to Earth. Division 2, we will need all the information you can provide us about the Ousho, and then erase all evidence of their existence."[/COLOR]

Yourichi sent Soifon to carry out the order, and Kazuo continued to speak.
"The Gotei 13 will remain in Seireitei to await further orders. I'm afraid we cannot risk the lives of anyone quite yet, as the Ousho may be targeting the Spirit World itself. Haken Division will proceed to Earth to address the issue directly. At this time I will take any questions that have to do with your orders, but I'm afraid I cannot allow our precious time to be spent on any other issues, is this understood?"[/COLOR]

For now, continue on as a normal day for your characters, as they are not at this meeting.

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Shun gazed up into the sky, watching the clouds closely and trying hard to force them into shapes, but his creativity lacked and he could conjure no such thing. Takeshi sat next to him, twirling the water of the large fountain next to them idly while drifting in-between states of consciousness.

"I'm bored." Shun remarked loudly enough to disturb passing Shinigami.

Takeshi scoffed in remark, now agitated that he had been stirred from his near-dream-like state.

"Come on, Takeshi, think! There has to be something we can do." Shun tilted his head toward his friend, eager for him to make a decision. After a few moments, Takeshi sighed,

"We could always head to Earth, say we're going to patrol for Hollows, but go visit places instead?"

A stupid smile came over Shun's face.

"That sounds fantastic. Let's go."

NOTE: I don't really have much for my characters to do right now, I'm still trying to figure out what the Soul Society really looks like (other than the plain crap you see in the manga/anime).

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Well... that's understandable, considering this was the time I wanted everyone's characters to interact, and no one's posting but us.

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[COLOR="SandyBrown"] Leaning lazily against a far wall, a silent Kuroi Krosawa Vice Captain of the secret Haken Division looked on as Kazuo, his closest friend, laid bare the secret they had kept for so many years. The secret of their true nature as Shinigami. The secret of their true purpose. A smile crept up his lips at the sight of a flabbergasted Captain Byakuya, a man Kuroi had come to despise during his years of servitude in squad 6. Indeed, on many occasions the only thing keeping Kuroi from challenging Byakuya for his captaincy for the mere pleasure of kicking his *** was the knowledge that he may indeed be serving a purpose even higher than that of his haughty, inconsiderate Captain. Byakuya helped to police the Seretei. Kuroi, however, policed the many realms beyond. A grand task and noble cause indeed.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"] "At this time I will take any questions that have to do with your orders, but I'm afraid I cannot allow our precious time to be spent on any other issues, is this understood?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="SandyBrown"] As the stunned Captains gathered themselves for a verbal offensive in retaliation to Kazuo's presumptuous speech, Kuroi stepped foreward, placing a hand on Kazuo's shoulder and whisped.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkGreen"] "I'll gather our soldiers. Make this quick, eh?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="SandyBrown"] Kazuo dismissed him with a smile and a nod, and Kuroi exited just as the Captains began to pipe up, their outraged tones and stern language filtering through the paper door Kuroi closed behind him.

Mayumi Miyamoto, who had been leaning on the outdise wall, seemingly trying to perfect her mimicry of Kuroi's lazy stance, hefted herself upright and hurried to catch up to Kuroi as he made his way down the streets of the Seretei.

They walked side by side, and Kuroi didn't need to turn his face to her to note her staring inquisitively at him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkGreen"] "Don't give me that look, Mayumi. You know as well as I do that you were eavesdropping on business far beyond your ranking. Kazuo just dropped the biggest bomb in the history of the Gotei 13...or should I say the Gotei 14 now. He just blabbed a dangerous secret, and we have no time to deal with the reprecussions. I need you to gather Washi Natsuki and Takeshi and have them meet us at Uruhara's dojo. Now."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="SandyBrown"] The young and beautiful Mayumi paused only for a moment, silently trying to regain her composure before nodding obediently and flitting off to points unknown with her newly perfected flash-step technique. Watching her leave, Kuroi berated himself under his breath. He'd been much too harsh on her, even if she had been snooping. He knew as well as anybody that she would be wherever he was, and usually this wasn't a problem, She was his star pupil, and ha' always been a patient and understanding mentor to her. Years of training and meditation had helped him to reconcile his past, and usually he was a fun and easygoing sort, but these were dire times indeed, and would call for quick, decisive action, another thing Kuoi was famous for.[/COLOR]

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* Seiji blocked the attack from his brother. It seemed like the hundredth time he had blocked this attack yet still it always caught him by surprise. He thought it surprised him more now that he still used it. He would admit that it was an effective move. *

Seiji:"Why are you using these flashy moves? You know they won't work on me."

* Seiji asked his brother under his breath, as their smirking faces passed by each other with the sound of shield and sword clashing to mask the question and protect his brother's honor. Yuu's smirk just got bigger and Seiji knew. The scene came back to him. Seiji and Yuu standing in Yuu's room. Yuu was sitting on the bedroll while Seiji was leaning against the wall. Seiji had just asked the same question. Yuu lifted his fingers into a V and smiled a big goofy grin. *

Yuu:"How else am I supposed to get Matsumoto to notice me?"

* Back in the present Seiji shook his head with his eyes closed. Yuu suddenly lunged in with a quick thrust towards Seiji's gut. *

Yuu:"This one is my win, brother."

* Seiji just smiled and glanced down. Yuu looked down to see one of Seiji's shield's pressed up against his body stopping his sword. *

Seiji:"Yes, you win this time. I think that this makes us even. You know this doesn't seem to be going anywhere. One of us wins then the other wins. I'm just glad Nami-chan isn't here."

Yuu:"So am I. You always seem to do better when she is around."

* Seiji blushed and Yuu just laughed. *

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As Shun and Takeshi approached the senkaimon, Mayumi appeared, looking urgent. The two turned as they noticed her arrive, and she briskly pointed at the sky, then arced her arm around in a circle.

"Time to go." said Shun.

Back in Division 9's Dojo, Kuroi caught up with Yuu, Seiji, Natsui, and Shou.

"The sun has turned over."

Everyone leapt into action, and as Yuu, Natsui, and Shou made to follow Kuroi, Seiji ran in the opposite direction.

"He'll gather the rest... Hell Butterflies."


The door to Division 1's conference room slid open, and Kuroi nodded beneath his large bamboo hat. Kazuo returned the gesture, and clasped his hands.

"That's it for questions today. Now for a quick briefing. Here is a list of the Haken Division's members..."

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[COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]::Kuroi stood silently as his Captain spoke. From the folds of his uniform he pulled his arm-sash and Rank Shield, tying it to his right arm just under his shoulder. Kuroi smiled under his bamboo shade, noting how many of his fellow ranking opfficers, these unflappable warriors, now stared with seemingly insatiable interest at their secret stmbol. He turned his head toward Mayumi, who was, as always, righy by his side. She looked nervous. You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Even Komamura, his entire head encased in ceramic, seemed to silently exude an aura of deep aggravation.::

[COLOR="Black"]"Kazuo has been a bit curt with them."[/COLOR] Kuroi whispered. Though her mind had always been as a brick wall, impossible to read or control, her beloved Kuroi had always had a knack for telling her exactly what she needed to hear. [COLOR="Black"]"But you cannot become a Captain of the Gotei 13 without learning the wisdom of patience, and understanding that sometimes, the situation is simply out of your hands. They will listen and follow orders because they must. Because their Honor demands it."[/COLOR]
::Kuroi turned his obscured gaze back to Kazuo. And, almost as if imitating him, Mayumi did the same.::

::Though her power had grown quickly, and she knew that in a fight, she would be the equal of almost anyone in this room with her, she struggled to attain that sort of patience, that level of clarity. Power had never been hard for her to attain. Her personal enemy was decorum.::

::Another whispered voice came to Mayumi's ear. That of Kenta Moshi, the squad's resident loudmouth. Far too often, in quiet places, he followed her and disturbed her peace, and, though he was one of the most honorable men she knew, he was irritating as all hell.::

[COLOR="Lime"]"My *** Mayumi, I don't know which one is more intimidating! I mean, Kazuo is our highest-ranking officer, but I gotta tell ya, sometimes Vice Captain Kuroi just seems to stare right through you, Ya know? It's Like..."[/COLOR]

::Usually Mayumi would halt his endless monologues with a vicious glare, but that never seemed to embarrass him enough to stop him for long. Clearly, fresh tactics were needed. Her violet gaze settled upon the tubby form of Ibaraki, and he responded to her raised eyebrow and sly smile by taking up his beloved Akarui Akuma, and whacking down on Kenta's shoulder, hard. Not enough force to injure him, but more than enough to get his attention.::

[COLOR="lime"]"Hey! What wa.."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="red"]"Dude! It's the quiet times now, can ya dig it?"[/COLOR]

::Ibaraki leaned in when he spoke, his face twisted in feigned anger and his eyebrow raised halfway up his forehead.::


::Kuroi raised his fist to his mouth and half-coughed. The three shinigami instantly straightened and gave him their attention, to which he thrust his chin toward the gathered Captains. Obediently they turned their attention to where it was supposed to be. Al;l three of them knew that as soon as they were out of danger, it was gonna be quadruple kidou drills for a week[/COLOR]

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OOC: Heeeeere's Kuroi!

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Kazuo: [COLOR="Navy"]"And now if the 12 remaining members of the Haken Division, which should be outside the door, would line up in order of seat."[/COLOR]

There was a kind of quiet bemusement as the captains shuffled aside to allow the 12 members of the Top-Secret Black-Ops Division to file in, once again, in two lines of six. Surprisingly, Kenta remained completely straight-faced and silent. It might have been the seriousness of his role, or his desire to please, but he really was quiet... for once. There was a kind of silent moment of awe as the Captain's gaze raked across the captains and Vice-Captains of the Gotei 13.

Kazuo turned around, and bowed to Yamamoto.
"If you please, sir... it is protocol."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]"Hai. That it is. Proceed."[/COLOR]

The following members of the Haken Division are considered sick with a deadly contagious illness. There will be a quarantined wing set aside for such an illness, and food and medicine supplies are to be slid in a chute daily to supplement the patients as they recover. Squad 2 will shut down the senkaimon for maintenance, and as such no one is to leave or enter the Spirit Realm through that method. Also, limits are to be shut off until Squad 14 returns or sends information otherwise.
"What? But that will endanger the citizens of earth! How can you expect these mediocre shini--"[/COLOR] began Kurotsuchi, who was briskly interrupted.
"I will NOT tolerate the degradation of my troops in my presence, dear Korotsuchi - and I would suggest you get the permission of your Captain and the floor before speaking out of turn. As I have the floor, I suggest you bind your tongue before I bind it for you..."[/COLOR]

Deadly silence followed.[COLOR="Navy"]

"The members of the Haken 14th Division are more than capable of controlling their own powers. Each is officer-class, and have proved themselves more than capable. If you have failed to notice this, that is attribute to their expertise in keeping the secrets they have been charged with."[/COLOR]

Not even a criket could be heard.
"You will carry out these orders, but unfortunately I cannot allow you to remember why."[/COLOR]

The room filled with a surge of protests.
"Not remember?"


"How in the world does he plan to enforce THAT?!"[/COLOR]

As the noise ensued, Kazuo ordered his troops, beneath the noise, "Be ready to leave within the hour. We will meet in the Forest outside rukongai... Kuroi will lead you there."

As the 12 soldiers marched out, Kazuo unsheathed his sword. Kuroi made sure to shut the door just as the soldiers heard...


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"He's a liar!" Shun hollered and Takeshi as soon as he felt they were far away enough, "What kind of idiots do they take us for?" Shun continuously nudged his friend, attempting to pry an answer from him, "Seriously..." The two-some continued onwards in silence, but Shun grabbed Takeshi's arm suddenly, "Hang on. Meet me at the edge of the forest. I do something." Takeshi shrugged nonchalantly and continued on, he never paid much mind to what Shun did anyway.


Shun's knuckles rapped on the familiar door with the 12th Division logo. Gritting his teeth, Shun tapped his foot impatiently. Could he have not been back? But just as Shun begun to believe his concern, the door opened widely and a very tired looking man poked his head out.

"Captain Urahara." Shun gave a quick bow.
Urahara rubbed his eyes and yawned again,
"Oh...hey there Shun. Hang on a second, I got it."

Urahara begun to to shuffle through his pockets, and as if a light bulb popped up over his head, a smile came across his face. "Here is is!"


Takeshi leaned against a tree wearily, arms crossed and eyes partially shut. A trio of Shinigami who were kicked out of the forest for Division 14's duties passed by, one of the girls slowly down just enough to get a better look and smile at him. But as per-usual, Takeshi tilted his head and pretended to be asleep. He was...really...lazy.

"Hey, Takeshi!" Shun called out, nearly running into the small group as he approached. Takeshi sighed and kicked off the tree, opening his eyes and looking over to Shun. Than sighed even more.

"Well? Whattaya think?" Takeshi sighed at the sight of the slight, blood-red streaks in Shun's hair and motioned him to follow, a bit agitated.

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[COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]::Leading Haken Division's troops from the meeting, a stern and silent Kuroi led them from the Rokungai and into the forest, to the very spot he and Kazuo knew so very well. Kuroi had known without a doubt exactly where Kazuo had meant for them to wait. A quiet, serene clearing far from the bustle of the Rukongain and Seretei. It was here that the two of them had trained in secret before their rise to Haken Division. In this clearing, they had helped each other to hone their skills. It was here that both worked to realise their potential, and it had been here that Commander Yamamoto himself had come to them, in the middle of a sparring session, with a proposition that had changed their lives forever. From then on they had watched in secret as others like themselves had ascended to tru Captaincy, seemingly leaving them in the dust. In the shadows they had watched their fellows shower praises and accolades upon others, and kept heart with the knowledge that they were doing their part to keep their fellows safe. It was a solitary existance, but, as Kuroi surveyed the fine group gathered about him now, he realised, it was not without it's rewards. He and Kaz stood at the helm of what had to be the most powerful fighting force in all the Gotei 13. His chest swelled with pride::

::Mayumi, seeing his strange expression raised an eyebrow quizzically at him, tentatively placing a hand on his wrist. He turned to her, smiling.::[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Black"]"Absent thoughts, Mayumi-san. Nothing more than absent thoughts..."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]::He surveyed his troops, who'd grown somewhat impatient with the wait. Some were gossiping amongst themselves, and others were lounging lazily in the soft grass. With a long breath, Kuroi hefted himself from the tree upon which he had been leaning, striding to the center of his scattered group. Taking the handle of his massive Zampakuto, he hefted it from his back and stabbed the ground before him. Instantly calling his companion's eyes to him.::[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Black"]"Alright men, look alive! Captain Okayama should be here any moment, and when he gets here I want him to see twelve proud Shinigami, ready to walk tall and proud upon the path before us! Form ranks!"[/COLOR]

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[COLOR="LightGreen"]The Captain's meeting adjourned, Kazuo cloaked in the shadows by the Shikai ability of Fukizai Kurayami, on a note about the senkaimon having mysterious flash earth-quakes and having collapsed in on itself. (Don't ask me how the passage to a spirit-world has earth-quakes... it's as strange as someone in the spirit realm catching tuberculosis.) It would have to be officially shut from both sides pending maintenance.

The captains and their lieutenants filed from the room, and Kazuo followed, in the shadows. A particular light-haired captain pretended not to notice, and, once they were outside vision and earshot of the other captains, Kazuo stepped once again from the shadows.

[COLOR="Navy"]"I assume that, once again, your zanpakuto made you mysteriously immune to my memory alteration?"[/COLOR] said Kazuo to captain Kisukue Urahara. He grinned slightly, and Urahara returned it in like manner.
"Of course... our Bankai are less useful in battle than others I suppose, but they are not without use."[/COLOR]
"Good. I'll be counting on you to monitor things from this side... I'll need your help."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]"I think you will, Kazuo. It was wise to shut down senkaimon, and to take those precautions... I am not sure, but it appears from my research that you are about to face the potentially greatest threat Haken has faced in it's 400 years of existence."[/COLOR]
"I am not surprised, with the nature of things."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]"That is one of your strengths, Okayama. I assume you had more than one reason for asking my help?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]"Yes, three actually. First, I need to know any information you can give me on what we know or suspect of the Ousho and their plans. Second, we'll need to organize a form of transport that does not involve senkaimon or hell butterflies, that we may keep as limited as possible... and last, a way of contacting you should something go wrong."[/COLOR]

Urahara smiled. [COLOR="Navy"]"I'll be in my quarters for a few minutes, to gather the necessary materials. We'll meet with the rest of Haken in the designated forest."[/COLOR]

Kazuo bowed. [COLOR="Navy"]"Thank you, Captain."[/COLOR]


The troops lined up, some of them restless. For a couple minutes they stood there, still as boards, until a shuffling through the undergrowth could be heard, just several paces away. The glint of a captain's cloak, and a wide grin introduced the Captain of the twelfth division to the members of the fourteenth.

[COLOR="Navy"]"Oooh, hello there. Have I missed Kazuo then?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]"No Captain, I'm here"[/COLOR] in his usual way, today at least, Kazuo stepped from the shadows again. [COLOR="Navy"]"Go ahead."
[COLOR="Navy"]"Well, I have some information to give you, but first let's review the basics of your mission to earth. A human faction named the Ousho have begun research on hollows and shinigami, and are searching for a way to bypass death in the process to becoming a hollow. Their ultimate aim seems to be to gain hollow strength and spiritual power, as well as the ability to consume spirits in order to strengthen their own, while retaining a human body and mental control."[/COLOR]
"Is that possible?"[/COLOR] asked Shou, the youngest of the 13.

[COLOR="Navy"]"We don't know... but we know that to try is dangerous. If they find a way to bypass the barrier of death, it could set off a major imbalance. We have no way to judge what kind of power they will gain, or what kind of humanity they may or may not retain in the process. Even if they succeed and retain full consciousness, they seem intent on using this power to subject others to dominant rule. And it is quite possible that they may succeed in overpowering Sereitei if they do so."[/COLOR]

Urahara paused for a brief moment,

[COLOR="Navy"]"It's hard to know where to start. If you have no objections, Kazuo, I think we'll spend the first couple minutes taking questions. Anyone?"[/COLOR][/COLOR]

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[COLOR="lightgreen"]Takeshi sighed.

[COLOR="Navy"]"I guess not. Wow, you're a gloomy bunch! OKAY - Let's get started!"[/COLOR]

Urahara pulled a small silver key from his pocket.

[COLOR="Navy"]"Kazuo wanted me to find a way for you to go to the other world, without the use of senkaimon. Well, this is the best thing I've got for now, just a little invention of mine. The problem is it may or may not take you to earth."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]"May or may not? What use do we have of it then?"[/COLOR] asked Yuu, as politely as one can when asking such a brash question.

[COLOR="Navy"]"VERY good question, Blue Tenyama ^_^. This key specializes in taking a person where they need to go, according to the urgency of them needing to be there. Or was it that it took them to the place they were most needed in that moment? The logistics of it all are so confusing..."[/COLOR]

Takeshi sighed.[/COLOR]

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Sorry, got cut off by something I had to do. Here's the rest;
[COLOR="Navy"]"Anyway, I only have two prototypes of the key, so I'm giving one to your Captain, and keeping one to myself in case of an emergency. I have another caution to add..."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]"What's that?"[/COLOR] asked Okayama, as he took the key from Urahara.
"There are many different worlds. Earth, and here; the Spirit World, and even the world of Hollows, Hueco Mundo. But there are many others that we do not know about... I'd be careful, you might find yourself in a world you know nothing about. But the key should lead you where you need to go."[/COLOR][/COLOR]

End of Chapter 1.

If you have not yet designed your Shikai ability, now would be a great time to do so.

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