Shinigami Quest

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Open to all takers. We will be open for character submissions for three days, at which time we'll get the story started.

This will play like a written RPG, but without numbers. I'll act as GM, guiding you along through the story and setting up enemies for you, but for all intents and purposes I would like you to take control over the story as much as possible, and consider my storyline to be a back-up for when we get stuck. In that way, this will work like those "Quests" of the old days.

This story will take place 200 years before Ichigo. All participating characters will be shinigami working for a highly secretive and illusive 14th Squad, under Captain Kazuo Okayama. The main purpose and aims of the squad will be further explained in my next post. For now...

Please fill out the following character sheet, I'll use my own as an example;

Kazuo Okayama, Captain of the 14th Squad.

Age; 300 years since death, appears 18.

Zanpakuto; Fukizai Kurayami, "Concealed in Darkness"

Physical Description; Blue, wavy hair in thick loose spikes. Thin, 6'1", clean-shaven and boyish, with an ever-serious expression.

Personality and History; Quiet and Ponderous, Brisk to a point, but not unkind. There was a toss-up in leadership between Kazuo and Kuroi for Squad Captainship, but Kuroi yielded, stating that Kazuo was better suited for the Squad's purpose, and at overall leadership. While that may or may not be true, it is still often rumored that Kuroi is equal to Kazuo in strength, if not better, but prefers to work alone. One thing is certain; the two share an incredible bond, and working together as Captain and Vice-Captain, well... things get done.

And that's it. Name, Age, bit of Description and History, and the name of your Zanpakuto. You don't have to figure out your Zanpakuto's powers quite yet, but be pondering it's released form, as you will get to create one soon enough. To name your Zanpakuto, I suggest going to a English-Japanese online dictionary, like the one below, and fooling around with words to get your desired name.

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[COLOR="Red"]Name:[/COLOR] [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]Kuroi Kurosawa. Vice Captain of the 14th squad (Formerly Third Seat of Squad 13).[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]Age:[/COLOR] [COLOR="deepskyblue"]300 years P.D. (looks about 23)[/COLOR]
Zampakuto:[/COLOR] [COLOR="deepskyblue"] Kumori Sanjakunoshuusui (The Sharpened Shadow Sword)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="red"]NOTE:[/COLOR] [COLOR="deepskyblue"]Kumori Sanjakunoshuusui is a massive, sleek, six foot long hunk of sharp black steel. Kuroi's abilities are such that he can maintain his zampakuto's released form indefinitely, so he chooses to keep it's true form released. Though it only has enough length at the handle to accomodate one hand, he wields it as though it were virtually weightless.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]Shikai:[/COLOR][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]Sankonpaku. Kumori Sanjakunoshuusui becomes three swords, which float around Kuroi, moving and striking at his bidding. These three swords can also be interlocked and spun like a giant, ultra-destructive shuriken. Command: Split.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="red"]Description:[/COLOR] [COLOR="deepskyblue"]Tall and lean, he has torn off the sleeves of his shinigami uniform to reveal tightly muscled arms, and leaves the chest of the robes wide open, showcasing a strange circular symbol tattooed on the center of his chest. He is bald, though this isn't of much consequence, for he wears a black woven bamboo shade, pulled low in front to obscure the sight of his eyes.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="red"]History:[/COLOR] [COLOR="deepskyblue"]For 300 years, since his death at the hands of the Hollow, he has fought to discover the identity of the hollow creature who slaughtered his wife and daughtert, making him watch until it was his turn. Despite all the teachings he has endured in order to try and let his past life go, he clasps it in his heart to this day, and keeps it there to fester. Only Kaz, his oldest and truest friend, seems to shed light on the shadows looming in his heart. Though he could have easily won the Fourteenth squad's Captaincy, he yielded to Kazuo. The concept of leadership matters little to him. He lives only to slaughter Hollows, prefferably through the most violent means available.[/COLOR]

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Finally, something I can actually get into.

Name: Shun Hikaru; 3rd Seat of the 14th Divison

Age: 230 P.D. (looks early twenties)

Zanpakuto: Gizagiza Touken (Serrated Swords), appears as a pocket watch in its concealed form. In the released form, Gizagiza becomes two identical serrated katanas. The spirit of Gizagiza is a unique one, in that it is a twin-spirit; two beautiful woman with long black hair and pale skin. Gizagiza is the sister who never opens her eyes and Touken is the sister that never speaks.

Shikai: Tsukemawaru (To Follow)- after swinging one of the katanas and saying the former, the blade will unlock and become seven shuriken which lock on to their target’s spiritual power. For every fifteen feet the target moves, one of the shuriken will be unable to follow, and land at the previous spot. (Command: Shriek)

"Second Shikai": Awaikage (Light Shadow)- when one of the katanas (or both) is bladeless, after speaking this they will shine with a miraculous light and return to Shun's hands completely refurbished. (Command: Shine)

Bankai- Tenshi Zankoku (Angel Cruelty)- unmastered, only used once by mistake. (Command: Awaken)

Description: Shun is a small man, as such in the way that he appears to look more like a teenager than an adult. He has straight black hair to his shoulders (which occasionally have random streaks of color) and unnatural blue eyes.

History: Shun was born with an affinity to sense spirits and ghosts, but knew nothing about Hollows until his family moved into Karakura Town’s Kitakawase district. Because of the close proximity to Karakura Old City and Mittsumiya, ---spirits, ghosts, and Hollows--- were a regular thing. Although the only one in his family who could see them, and for the fear of being insane told no one, Shun went on living normally and occasionally helping spirits when he could. One day, he met a beautiful girl’s spirit, and rather than help her, Shun would talk to her and spend time with her, until it became a regular thing. Such as sad thing to fall in love with someone you couldn’t be with. Nonetheless all things must come to an end, and as he went to see her one day, found her gravely injured and near-death. Not being able to cope with this, Shun vowed to destroy the one who harmed her, but before he could be warned, a Hollow killed him from behind, the same one. Shun awoke in the Rukongai’s Fifth District. Years of wait and training led to the next point in his life, when he faced off against a now retired Gotei Captain in a duel and mistakingly summoned his Bankai, nearly killing the Captain and himself. After much deliberation and another performance of his skills, Shun proved himself worthy of the Gotei 13 and due to his special skills, was assigned to a special 14th squad.

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X-halo is joining, but having problems with his log-in. In the meantime, this is his character;

Name: Tenyama Seiji

Appearance: Light green shoulder length hair. brown eyes. 5'4". 187 lbs. Tone body.

Personality: Calm, fun loving, and strategic.

Story: One of the twin brothers of the Tenyama House. He trained with his brother Yuu at the academy. Seiji tended to do better at the more defensive, and tedious things, like homework. After graduation he joined squad 9, where he later became captain before requested to join squad 14.

Zanpakkuto: Koori no Youjinbou "Frost Bodyguard". Unreleased form looks like a katana with a sword catcher on the end of the hilt. Shikai looks like twin crystalline round shields, 3 feet in diameter.

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I'm really excited about those of you who've joined, looks like we've got some creative writers/gamers/anime fans here, so this'll be awesome.

OK, the three days are up. In the meantime, I would like our Black-Ops Squad to have 13 total members, each recruited from one of the 13 defense Squads. Each recruited member must qualify in power for an officer rank. (Remember, to rank as a lieutenant one must know how to release their Zanpakuto and use it's shikai ability. To qualify for Captainship, one must have achieved Bankai.) Any one who has joined, if they desire, have one day to post any number of the remaining names of the Squad members.

Also, since each Special Agent of Squad 14 carries on a cover as a member of one of the Gotei 13, I suppose the agent's original squad number is relevant. So go ahead and pick the original squad number for each character you create, as long as it has not been already taken.

Known Special Squad duties;
(2 is not Stealth and Assault, but rather Soi Fon is leader of both separate groups. Do not confuse our agents with Stealth and Assault units.) 4 is healing, 9 is media and news (alterting all squads of the latest information), 11 is specialized sword combat, 12th is research/scientific.

Known Gotei Division leaders;
Division 1 Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai, Chōjirō Sasakibe
Division 2 Soifon, Marechiyo Ōmaeda
Division 3 Formerly Gin Ichimaru, Izuru Kira
Division 4 Retsu Unohana, Isane Kotetsu
Division 5 (Formerly Sōsuke Aizen), Momo Hinamori
Division 6 Byakuya Kuchiki, Renji Abarai
Division 7 Sajin Komamura, Tetsuzaemon Iba
Division 8 Shunsui Kyōraku, Nanao Ise
Division 9 (Formerly Kaname Tōsen), Shūhei Hisagi
Division 10 Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Rangiku Matsumoto
Division 11 Kenpachi Zaraki, Yachiru Kusajishi
Division 12 (Formerly Kisuke Urahara) Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Nemu Kurotsuchi
Division 13 Jūshirō Ukitake, Formerly Kaien Shiba (deceased)

Gotei Secret Division 14, Black Ops, in order of seat;
1. Kazuo Okayama (formerly of D1)
2. Kuroi Kurasawa
3. Shun Hikaru
4. Seiji Tenyama (formerly of D9)
5. Yuu Tenyama (formerly of D10)

You may post the character names and the Zanpakuto names. Other information regarding these characters isn't vital, although if you have it already figured out, it is welcome. The characters you come up with may or may not be under your general control, although it is up to you. In other words, I want to fill the rest of Squad 14's ranks with "NPCs", but allow you the creative option of creating them if you wish. Whatever slots are still open by tomorrow night will be filled by yours truly. (On the off-chance that everyone is interested, that's 4 players, leaving 2 NPC creations per player...?)

We start Chapter 1 tomorrow!

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Coming up with original Shinigami is quite a vexing task, but I managed to pull together another original one. I might be able to get another one later on if I try.

Name: Washi; 7th Seat of the 14th Divison (formerly of Division 11)

Age: 500 PD (looks in his early forties)

Zanpakuto: Seiken (Holy Sword)- in its sealed form, Seiken takes the form of a typical curved blade Zanpakuto, but in released form it resembles a European Greatsword (but with a wider blade). The spirit of Seiken is a hazy image of what appears to be a knight with an English coat of arms adorning his chest.

Shikai: Ekusukaribaa Datesugata (Excalibur Flash)- Seiken glows a bright white color and begins to absorb surrounding reishi. The hilt of Seiken contains a small, orb shaped gem that also glows upon attaining reishi. Once it reaches the maximum amount it can hold, Washi can release it as a blast of concussive energy in varying degrees of strength. (Command: Flash)

Description: Washi is roughly 6’ tall and a lightly over 200 pounds; his body is mostly muscle and as well, he is very fit. He has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.

History: Washi’s past is a mystery; he awoke after death in the first district of Rukongai (Junrinan). He made quick friends with some younger adults applying to become Shinigami, who also happened to rope him into their attempt. Washi displayed amazing efficiency in zanjutsu, but had virtually no control over his reishi which otherwise would have enabled him to gain a high-ranking place in the Gotei 13. However, he was placed in the 11th Division and trained to control his reishi in a suitable way. After a lengthy time in the 11th Division (and many promotions, being 8th Seat at the end of his time in the Division) he was asked to join the special 14th Divison.

Side-note: Not anything of any importance, Arthur means Eagle which is read as Washi in Japanese.

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Thank you, Non-Existant. =)

I'll leave this open for an additional day, considering the holiday and that Dee Kay has told me he has another shinigami he'd like to post.

If any late stragglers wanted to join last-minute, here's your chance.

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Here is another, just for the sake of it. And, you said that this is roughly 200 years before Ichigo, I interpreted that as 200 years ago from now (since Bleach is, I believe, based on our time period). This would make the story start at 1800, and I based all my characters deaths on that (IE: 1500 death = 300 PD).

Name: Takeshi Hattori, 11th Seat of the 14th Division (formerly 6th Seat of 8th Division)

Age: 300 PD (looks early twenties)

Zanpakuto: Genka Karasuhebi (Singing Black Snake)- in sealed form, Genka appears as a typical curved blade Zanpakuto, but with a black blade. In its released form, Genka takes the form of a double-edged straight sword (with a six inch black tassel attached to the bottom of the hilt). The spirit of the sword is, obviously, that of a large black snake.

Shikai: Uta Konmei (Song of Confusion)- after calling out the command, Genka's blade will 'sing', vibrating and sending out a vibration through Takeshi's enemy's reishi, effectively disorienting them. (Command: Sing)

Description: Takeshi is slightly lower than average in height and very athletic, giving him a fit physique. Laid back and relaxed, he has a passion for music and less for fighting (which gives him a special bond with his sword).

History: Takeshi grew up in the seventeenth district of the Rukongai and constantly praised for his agility and kindness (feats of Robin Hood-ism as it were, stealing food for the kids who could not get any and the like). But as he was lazy, Takeshi would often get caught, but either talk or manage to fight his way out of any situation. Because of his shrewdness, charm, and seemingly endless pool of talents, his friends began to call him Oni-Takeshi as a joke and the nickname stuck. Eventually he gained the attention of Nanao Ise (Lieutenant of the 8th Division) who mistakingly informed her captain (Shunsui Kyōraku) of the boy and their similarities and almost immediately Shunsui took Takeshi under his wing. However, later in his Shinigami career Takeshi was recruited into the secret 14th Division for unknown reasons.

Side-note: Whether or not Takeshi is related to Hattori Hanzo is still up for debate, but the common thought is that he is of some relation to the blood-line which is how he earned the nickname Oni-Takeshi (Devil Takeshi, or taking it a step further, Devil Warrior).

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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Name: Mayumi Miyamoto. Tenth seat of the Second Division

Age: 130 P.D. (Looks sixteen)

Zanpakuto: Shiroi Assarimyoahana (White Light Blossom)

Shikai: When released Mayumi's Zanpakuto becomes a traditional japanese fan comprised of thin, flexible silver blades. Her zanpakuto can emit intense flashes of light, enabling her to blind her enemies, even if their eyes are shut. (Command: Flash)

Description: Her uniform is largely unadorned, save for how loosely her top is fastened, exposing a tight black bodice underneath, not to mention an ample bosom. Youthful and beautiful, she ties her hair back in a wild bun fastened by turquoise chopsticks.

History: Growing up mute, Mayumi found herself removed and ostricised among her peers at an early age. She grew up fiercely independent, counting on no one in the world for comfort or support, Save for her saintly grandmother, who raised her. On her grandmother's birthday, Mayumi spent her entire childhood savings to buy a locket for her. Unfortunately she was killed on her way back to her grandmother, leaving her a trapped spirit on earth, unable to give the locket to her grandmother.

For one hundred years she wandered, unable to find the locket, unable to move along, until she was found by none other than Kuroi, Kurosawa, who took great pains to find and retrieve the locket, so she could place it on her grandmother's grave.

Kuroi, seeing her vast spiritual potential, subtly manipulated the shinigami council to let this Earth soul join their ranks, and mentored her in the ways of the shinigami. For all of this, Mayumi feels eternally indebted to Kuroi, and seeks always to prove herself to him. She considers him, and no other, her friend and sensei, following him wherever he goes, save for those times when he bids her not to. [/COLOR]

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Gotei Secret Division 14, Black Ops, in order of seat;
1. Kazuo Okayama (agent of D1)
2. Kuroi Kurasawa (agent of D5)
3. Shun Hikaru (agent of D3)
4. Seiji Tenyama (agent of D9)
5. Yuu Tenyama (agent of D10)
6. Mayumi Miyamoto (agent of D2)
7. Washi (agent of D11)
8. Takeshi Hattori (agent of D8)
9. Natsuki Takahashi (agent of D4)
10. Kouhei Ibaraki (agent of D13)
11. Rin Mori (agent of D6)
12. Kenta Moshi (agent of D12)
13. Shou Yoshida (agent of D7)

NPC Fill-Ins;

Yuu Kenyama
Brief Description: Twin brother to Seiji, with short blue hair. He often states that he dyed it that color because he was tired of being confused with his brother, with whom he is close. More energetic of the two, he likes to tackle issues first-hand.
Zanpakuto: Soyokaze no Kyouran (Breath of Frenzy)
Released: Twin Kodachis with diamond guards, each with a small white feather attatched.
Shikai: (Command: Roar) Soyokaze no Kyouran's released state gives Yuu an added power over air, allowing him to send small gusts of wind in vortexes created by the speed of the Kodachis. Within the vortexes are bits of compact air, like small blades, that slice up the unfortunate soul caught within it.

Natsuki Takahashi
Brief Description: Small, innocent young woman with red hair and green eyes. Timid and Resourceful, has an uncanny need for everything to make sense.
Zanpakuto: Shiroi Uindo (White Wind)
Released: A beautiful thin Chinese Sword, with which Natsuki fights in a dance-like fashion, a light-blue tassle hung from it's hilt.
Shikai: (Command: Fly) Shiroi Uindo dissolves into the air, creating a sparkling wind that fills the area, rejuvenating everyone it touches. The healing power would be the equivalent of two day's and nights' good rest and nutrition, as well as the neutralizing of most diseases and poisons.

Kouhei Ibaraki
Brief Description: Eccentrically Loud and Overweight. Rough, unshaven Demeanor with unkempt black hair.
Zanpakuto: Akarui Akuma (Shiny Demon)
Released: Black Two-handed Battle Axe.
Shikai: (Command: Rock!) The spirit of Akarui Akuma is that of a medieval executioner, bare-chested with a black hood and large axe. When Kouhei Ibaraki uses the command, a light spreads forth which searches the intentions of everyone it hits, and knocks down those whose intentions are for evil. Kouhei often takes that opportunity to behead his opponent.
(Yeah... cheesey, but I thought a Jack Black Shinigami would be funny.)

Rin Mori
Brief Description: Dark Hair and eyes, wears a more ninja-style outfit. Of romantic relation to Kazuya, very quiet and emo-ish. Not much is known about her, besides her intense mood.
Zanpakuto: Kyuusou Kagai (Dispatch Evil), appears in the released form of a pair of Kunai Daggers, ringed at the hilts, tied by a long strip of black ribbon. Not much is known about the Zanpakuto's power or spirit.

Kenta Moshi
Brief Description: Looks 21, average weight and height, big mouth and blood-red hair, short and spiked. Tends to grin and jump around, making lots of noise... No one knows why he was inducted into the Black Ops secret Division, but then again... who would suspect him? Best friends with Shou Yoshida.
Zanpakuto: Constant-release form Pole-Arm, whose name Kenda remains ignorant, not that he hasn't tried. Maybe he's just too loud to hear anything. However, Kenta's fighting talent could not be ignored, and it is said of him that he and his weapon fight seamlessly as one, and that instead of communicating with his Zanpakuto. IT speaks through HIM... which means the responsibility over two beings' conversation might explain why he never shuts up.

Shou Yoshida
Brief Description: Died when his best friend, a Quincy, and he were playing as youngsters and were attacked by hollows. The Quincy boy barely survived, and each unbeknown by the other, followed their respective Hollow-killing path. The Quincy his fashion, and Shou in the form of Zanjutsu. Hangs around with Kenta a lot, and is the newest recruit in the Black-Ops Division, hoping for a chance to be dispatched to earth and check up on his friend.
Zanpakuto: Ukemotsu Zetsumei (Death's Charge... or Death's Responsibility)
Released: Ukemotsu Zetsumei is a kidou-based sword, which appears much like a glass zanpakuto.

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