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My character has been posted, you said you would post yours once I got this party rolling. Time so how how much I've learned sensei.

The sun arched in the afternoon sky, rolling clouds billowing past, casting lengthy shadows across the city ground. A shadow within a shadow, Rave gazed up into the deep blue sky, hand raised to block out the sun. His lips curled as his eyes seemed to say, 'What a be-u-t-ful day.' Trudging along over the thick, scalding hot sand with hands now in his pockets, Rave remarked to himself at how much of a dump this place had become. Once a metropolis of sorts...a New York, or a Tokyo with less flaws you could say, but now...a decrepit monument to the sins of a dying world.

Rave stopped briefly to kick a, presumably, centuries old tin can into the distance. Skyscrapers towered over him, and though there were many, there were even many more that were fallen, destroyed, crumbling; this place was not in the least bit safe. Sometimes, Rave thought, a nice stiff breeze could topple these gargantuans over...but he always laughed at the thought, hundreds of thousands of pounds of steel just doesn't fall over without any good reason. Maybe today they'd get a reason. Rave smiled.

"Ah...here we go." He said happily, entering a large building that lacked doors, but offered shade in place of it's safety. It would do for now. Rave scratched his cheek, something was off about this day...something very...very off, but he couldn't quite place it...

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Time to pull out the WD-40 (laughs)

Blue skies, warm weather and a slight breeze. What more could one ask for? Despite the rubble
that inhabits this post earth type city now turned back in time, A wonderful day none-the-less.
Ditto just so happend to stumble upon this place searching for Crono who violated his parol and was on the run. Ditto began touring building by buidling to maybe find out what exactly happend here.

After about a half hour of searching there was an odd, if not familiar presence looming down
an open path. Footsteps echoed down the vast hallway from end to end revealing a stranger
just like himself wondering aimlessly. Ditto, standing at the other end, twirling his blade
between his fingers asks...

"And who might you be?"

The stranger quickly replies...

"The name is Rave."

Ditto slowly crept towards Rave still twirling his blade attached with a cold stare. As he
drew closer, Ditto bluntly responded....

My name is Ditto. Not pleased to meet you. Step aside.

Rave didn't budge as his now foe, was closer than ever. Ditto is not a big fan of any resistance
so the best way he knew how to overcome this was to throw his knife similar to a dart which just barely missed Rave's left cheek later to become lodged off in a wall just behind him. A mere destraction that was to allow Ditto to allow his fist to find a new home just above Rave's waistline causing him to hunch over in the fetal position. Ditto would take advantage of this moment by crashing his left elbow down on his neck thus sending a painful jolt down Raves spinal cord. Knowing his foe would fight back, Ditto grabbed his knife from the wall, concealed it in its rightful place then stepping back awaiting a response.

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Oxygen slowly left Rave's lungs. Fierce pain struck him again and again, soaring throughout his nervous system. Ba-dum. His heart begun to race, louder and louder. Ba-dum. His knees hit the floor and his body followed. Ba-dum. A slight groan echoed throughout the room, but Ditto knew this man would not go done that easily. Ba-dum. No. Rave's fingers clenched into a fist and he punched at the ground, quickly opening his palm and slamming it instead into the earthen floor. Almost simultaneously the ground erupted with a shock wave and an upwards heave, sending Ditto into a backwards roll and out of the building. Ba-dum.

Rave stalked out of the building slowly, eyeing up Ditto from afar. He appeared to be doing the same, noticing the blue glow fading into the air as Rave begun to approach him. Ba-dum."I don't know who you think you are..." He began, stopping to speak, "But...I...don't like you already. Your aura...it...speaks to me. I don't like it. Tell it to shut up." Rave gritted his teeth. Ba-dum. No one knew about him. No one knew what he had gone through, the pain, the suffering, the madness...the insanity. Cracking his neck loudly, Rave closed his eyes, ignoring the obvious danger this posed and threw his hands together. Ba-dum.

A crackling sound vibrated outwards through the air, shaking dust and dirt of nearby buildings. What seemed to be a rip in the air, like a tear in a mattress, begun to stretch out as Rave tugged at an invisible thread. Ba-dum. His free hand now plunged into the nothingness and when it withdrew, the rift closed and now he held his sword, [I]The Shiranai. The sword flowed through the air for a few moments, Rave gently sliced the wind and smiled in this sort of sinister way that only he could do and licked the opposite side of the blade. Ba-dum.

"You have plenty of time to dodge. Make your move stranger." Rave's free hand rose up, his palm open and facing Ditto. The air began to heat up, a bead of sweat rolled down Rave's forehead. Energy began to swirl in the center of his palm, flames began to spit out, crackle and pop. Rave spoke softly under his breath, "From the depths of Hell and the hearts of evil men, let a storm of fire descend from the heavens. Fire spell number thirty-three..." Than a scream. "NAPALM! ENVELOPE HIM!" A blast with such force it blew Rave off his feet, a spinning flip that caused him to land and roll to a standing position. The mass of fire mana and energy ripped across the ground towards Ditto, it was his choice to become incinerated or escape. Rave...was looking forward to ending him already...

NOTE: When Rave talks before his spells, they aren't really incantations to summon the aforementioned spells, they're more or less little things he came up with to help concentrate when channeling the power needed to use them. Just a little side-note.

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