Challenge for D14M0ND5....

Posted by Echo

Let's do this for old time's sake. Do you want arena or first attack?

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IC: The loud hum of machinery could still be heard even far away from the center of the power plant. Echo was in a small room full of meters and dials, measuring the output of various turbines. There was also a large plexiglass window overlooking one of these turbines, a mammoth cylinder turning steam into electrical power. The amount of power and energy in the area was almost palpable. In the small room there were also a number of switches, levers, and the like, each one of them labeled with an individual warning. The plant was currently running relatively stable, but it would not take much for the entire station to decline into a gauntlet of hazards. A nearby map showed that Echo was looking at the southernmost of four turbines just like the one out the window, all working at full power. There was also a hazardous waste disposal area nearby.

After studying the map for a few more moments Echo turned to leave the small room. He walked out onto a set of metal stairs heading to the floor that the turbine was on. There were small metal catwalks all over, moving from control room to turbine to monitoring station. The place was basically a maze of walkways and identical rooms, all working with ridiculous amounts of electrical energy.

The careful equilibrium that maintained the modicum of safety here was about to be disrupted.

OOC: Heh, I figured I would let you really play around with your new character, so I chose an energy-heavy arena. Lets play with a mix of Ortho and Un-Ortho fighting. Go ahead and land your attacks in your own post (and I'll land my own attacks), but to keep the flow of battle quick and smooth (and so that you aren't crippled by an inability to counter) make your final attack open-ended, so that we can dodge/block/channel energy from the attacks. Basically, I'm going to land some solid hits on you without you countering them in my posts, but I'll give you the opportunity to counter at least the final one in your own post.

Posted by D14M0ND5

Cable could hear the hum of the turbines overhead, as he dashed through the subterranean access tunnel, every so often passing worn steel hatches leading to one thing or another. As he ran, though he made no effort to this effect, he could feel himself absorbing energy from the turbines. He rounded a corner and skidded to a halt several feet from a solid wall. A grin spread across Cable’s face, as he lifted his hands to touch the steel panels above him.

Echo, who had up until this point been waited patiently, turned his head and listened curiously. It sounded as though the turbines had stopped. He turned his head again to survey the instrument panel, which confirmed his suspicion.

Cable’s heart pounded frantically as his body struggled to absorb the massive amounts of energy from six turbines. He did not often absorb energy for such a long period of time and due to such infrequency it felt as though his body was being ripped apart at the seams. He placed his hands firmly on the ceiling and with a scream, half in excitement half in pain, he released the energy.

Echo’s reflexes allowed him to spring into the air space above the majority of the attack, saving him the brunt of the damage. It is, however, very difficult to escape completely un-scathed when the floor explodes.

As the turbines began to turn again, a super charged Cable shot from the newly formed opening in the ground, practically glowing with energy. As Echo landed on the ground, Cable dashed forward with super human speed, impacting Echo firmly with both fists.
Echo flew backwards performing a back flip to avoid further damage.

The moment Echo landed, Cable had channeled a large amount of energy in a semi-pure form directly toward Echo. Were the attack to impact Echo directly, it would probably vaporize him.

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Echo had just barely regained his balance when he saw the energy blast coming towards him. It was closing at a lightning-quick speed, giving him but a moment to react. He leapt out of the way onto a catwalk overhead. The blast impacted a wall behind him, causing a giant explosion. The force of the explosion shook the rickety metal catwalk violently, breaking it down. The explosion also pushed the falling catwalk forward, toward Cable. Echo used this chance to jump again, this time straight at Cable. The flying catwalk only added to Echo's already considerable momentum, causing him to fly like a bullet straight at Cable's torso.

Echo was flying almost horizontally now, face-first towards Cable. The impact was in Cable's chest, just below his neck. Echo grabbed on and turned the fall into a roll, taking Cable with him. His moment was still extremely high from the strong jump, and after a single roll he kicked Cable straight away. Cable flew backwards, unable to do anything about it due to Echo's speed. He flew about 20 feet before impacted with a very solid concrete wall behind him straight vertically. As Cable was flying, though, Echo did one more quick turn before coming out of the roll, squatting now as if he were a cocked gun. He extended his legs and shot himself into the air again, still going with the momentum provided by the explosion. He was now nearly horizontal again, but this time his feet were in front of him, but he was still flying towards Cable. He impacted Cable's torso again, this time a little lower, and managed to completely break through the concrete wall. The two men fell onto the floor on the other side, Cable flat on his back with Echo now basically standing on top of him. Another powerful jump sent Echo about 10 feet onto the floor away from Cable, as well as shaking Cable with another strong force straight into thick concrete.

Echo smirked at the boy as Cable lied there, writhing in pain. He had probably broken a few ribs, seriously bruised his back, maybe even caused some bad internal bleeding. Echo unsheathed his mighty sword, Gleamsin, and began walking towards Cable. When he was within striking distance Cable began to regain his bearings and started to get up, but at the same time Echo began to bring his blade down in a vertical swipe towards the back of Cable's head, a blow which would easily end this battle quickly.