I think I have the hang of this...

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So whomever wishes to fight me, let's have at it. I'm not sure I understand the actually battle system though, but the easiest way to learn is by doing, so let's do just that.


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Hey, unless someone else wants to walk you through this, im alright with just jumping down into and seein what ya got. however, in the future, it is easier to get a battle by agreeing to one first, rather then opening with an arena. Anyway, unless someone else wants to (luna, crono, near?), ill be happy to give you a shot. If no one else has replied, i'll give ya an opening shot in the next day or two. :-)

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OoC: I was considering it but school starts today actually. I'm not doing full time so maybe depending on my mood I'll toss up an attack. If you feel like you want this Klue, feel free to say so. Also, for the record, I prefer arenas posted in the first post. It makes the battle run much more smoothly.

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go for it.

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OoC: I'm going to use my character in a new way, let's see how this turns out. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

No man escapes his fate.
No man can flee from himself.
No man can avoid the beast.
And so it is written that the meek shall become the strong, and the strong shall conquer the beast within. But it isn't that time yet... that chapter is yet to come.

Right now, the beast reigns supreme on his war-machine of a throne, fastened together by flesh and bone.


He could smell it. Smell it in the air, taste it in the rain, and feel it with his very soul. One foot after another, he dashed forward with reckless abandon, heaving his weight from roof to roof in the slums of Paris. Shingles and wood fractured and split under each crushing step he took, unforgiving of those who lay beneath him. Unforgiving of their weakness and lack of...


It was on him now, this person's soul, the closeness was unbearable - anticipation rising in his subconscious like mercury on a hot Summer's eve. And with one final leap, he closed the distance.

Nicolas, catching a glimpse just in time, skipped backward, out of his assailant's range. The mass of the unknown man's body slammed into the middle of the alleyway, feet obliterating the pavement below him, hurling debris and dust into the air; and as the fractured cement fell like rain to the earth, the only sound audible above it all was the labored breathing of whomever caused such destruction. Eyes locked onto Nicolas, a man cloaked in the hide of a massive bear raised his chin, baring a grin clear across his face, to look down at him. Eyes locked, manic eyes.

And in that short pause, two men standing eye to eye, one crazed while the other lucid, it became very clear to Nicolas what was going to happen; though a fraction of a second too late.

The collision was fierce, the psychotic man hurling his entirety at Nicolas with astounding speed, left shin curling around his body in an aerial round-house kick, slamming into Nicolas' neck. Forcing his windpipe closed, it vaulted him off of his feet, and as he plummeted the difference between his legs and his skull, the beast of a man was already on top of him, falling with an extended knee.

A beast by the name of Sar.

OoC: If you knock him down, he'll get up right away - doesn't matter how hurt he is. Keep that in mind. He's like an animal in the way he moves.

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OoC: Yeah, OoC = Out of Context. Sorry for the two day delay but work had me smashed against a wall. I had so much work to do, I've been fried. Anyway, on to the main course!

His body moved, forward and backward, toward and away, but always in a circle. Never did it progress or regress, because for something that cannot grow, those words are meaningless. Hands at ears, psychotic sneer stretched across the face, his body shuddered in fulfillment. Fulfillment that his existence was now given meaning through the actions of another, fulfillment on a carnal level of no understanding or logic; something so innate, he shook from the very foundations of his being. That is, the being that now stood before Nicolas, unable to comprehend a word that was shed from his lips. Not because of language, but because of consciousness.

As Nicolas spoke, not a word could penetrate the man immersed in the ramblings of his soul, held static by his own resolve. But with each passing verse, with every escaping notion of communication, the swell inside of Sar's chest began to churn, to burn with intensity. Flowing from his center, the simple volume of pure, unadulterated emotion worked its way through his body.

And as the final syllable slipped from Nicolas, a translucent wall similar in construction to the barrier of flame that had convened between Sar and Nicolas, erupted around Sar in spherical shape; slamming into the ground and walls around him, it forced their exteriors into the interiors. Crumbling beneath the increased density of the air forced away from him, the brick and cinder block of each respective home, turned to mere rubble. And as the sphere reached its pinnacle of height, it curled its way into the only light source of the alley, a single street lamp. Twisting and contorting it around the circular object, it was brought neigh close to destruction before the growth ceased.

Wrenching his skull from his own very hands, his head was forced back, forced up to look at the rain drops fall, only to collide with his shield. And from him, pushing its way out of him, Sar let out a guttural howl... no, a roar... so powerful and so long, it gave testament to the warrior that he once had been.

The sky seemed to shake, and the buildings themselves began to tremble, while the sounds of frightened mortals were muffled by Sar's voice... but of the most peculiar, one thing stood out to Nicolas. Behind Sar, a faint reflection stood behind him, of different posture and flagrantly opposed demeanor. But as soon as the shadow phased in, it flickered out.

And as the presence disappeared, so did Sar's cry recede. Dropping his intensified glare back down to Nicolas, his chest heaved forward, drawing in life. Now the beast held control of not only the body, but the soul as well; and with the final ritual concluded, Sar, or that which possessed him, was attuned and ready for whatever this fire wielder could muster - had he the chance.

In that moment, that split second of silence, the entire alleyway went dark. Finally giving in to the structural damage, the lamp post folded under its own weight, staff shearing itself in half, light flaring and then denying. But before Nicolas' eyes could adjust, a massive blunt force slammed into his nose, breaking it on impact. Recoiling from the strike, Nicolas staggered backward a step, blood fleeing the wound. Bouncing off of Nicolas' face with his aerial knee-strike, Sar coiled his right arm; with a simple twist, he corkscrewed his fist into the top of Nicolas' head. His skull met concrete almost instantaneously, and his nose painted the ground a lovely shade carmine.

Reaching down, Sar dug his palm deep into Nicolas' head of hair, and with a quick arc of the wrist, flung Nicolas flying through the second story wall of an adjacent building.

OoC: Sucks but it'll have to do.

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I'm going to be completely honest. I forgot about our fight after the couple waits for you to edit and than I got ****ing trashed and I really have no interest in my character anymore. Sorry for the disappoint, but it turns out he really wasn't fit for a battle yet...I'm going to get to work on somebody worthwhile...sorry about that Sol.