What do you guys think of Haloid?

Posted by MikaFeldy

For those who don't know what it is, Look Here: youtube.com/watch?v=K9sYixr2miY

I think that is the best twist ending ever!


You haven't seen many movies, then?

Posted by Sk2k52

Would be best twist ending if it wasn't done like 20 years ago xP

Curious though, did they make the models themselves or rip em? I looked briefly though i take it that they're custom?

Posted by Phantom75230

I Think that Samus should have come into the battle fighting space pirates then the Master Cheif

Posted by Linko_16

Quoting MikaFeldy: I think that is the best twist ending ever!

Worst twist end ever. Movie-maker's excuse was that she was just a different spartan than the Master Chief, but when people ask what would happen in a fight (the basis for creating the animation), they mean, specificly, Master Chief. It's stupid to make it a woman just for the sexiness of it.

The fight scenes, however, are king. Though I do think it was a poor decision changing the gender of Master Chief, it doesn't by any means ruin the awesome use of all Samus and Master Chief's abilities.

Posted by Roger Smith

That fukken faggot stole my Haloid name. I hope a horse burrows deep in his colon.

But yeah saw this months ago.

Posted by Vbty3

The fighting was pretty good.

Posted by FiveForMe

hi all

i dont know about this devices, what do you think about VIPA???

is it a copy from siemens ??????

Posted by last_hopes

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