Just a small idea...

Posted by Pat_O

Okay, to start, I'm posting this to see if this is a good idea. I thought of posting it in Gen. Disc., but i thought it would be overlooked. With that said and done, there is one pre-requisite to this, you must have read, or know the story line, of George Orwell's "1984." If you have never heard of or not know of this book, you'll probably not get the idea, but a quick glance at sparknotes.com will fill you in.

Personally, I hate this book. I had to read it for an english class, and I hate how the Party wins in the end and there is no rebellion. I want to have an open Sim-battle (any and all who want may join) in rebellion against Big Brother.


The scenario is this:
Your character has been tortured and brainwashed to become a member of the party (inner or outer party, I don't care). You have no knowledge of your past or the abilities you posses. However, one fateful day, you gain a hatred towards Big Brother, the Party, and anyone who helps them. You slowly re-discover your abilities, remember past experiences, and find your weapons, you begin to realize as more like you begin to appear, that rebellion and the upheaval of Big Brother as well as his beliefs is within grasp.


So what are your thoughts everyone?

Posted by Creedence

I think it sounds like a pretty awesome idea, but I don't know if enough people would get behind it.

Posted by UncleYaris

[COLOR="Yellow"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]i would be in. i just need to finish up my character and post it.[/FONT][/COLOR]