Gods back end...

Posted by Novin

....so then....shall we begin things with a free for all mutha fuccas?

Arena: Football Staduim

*ss-j stood....blah middle field....waiting patiently for someone to attack him....blah blah....so he could legally kill them and claim self defense....*

uhMazen skillz....

Posted by Blade Obsidian

A glimmer of light shone across the field. Ss-J snapped his head around in the direction of the flash. A bead of sweat slowly dribbled down his forhead, landing with a his in the dead, brown grass. The sun scorched down apon the earth... Ss turned around again to face the endzone, and froze. In front of him stood a tall man in a black cloak and hood. In his hand was clutched the shaft of a long, straight, black blade that looked as if it were made of glass. It looked very strong and VERY sharp.

SS reached toward his back, and SLAM! The tall mean has SS's hand clutched behind his back!

"What the f-" He started, but his arm was wrenched upward. "Ah- aaaaaaahhhh" he shrieked in agony. The man let him go.

"Now fight me, and fight me well," said the man.

SS stood still. "Who are you," he asked.

The man grinned. "Who am I? Hehe... Well, they call me... Obsidian."

Posted by Henro

Hi, mind if i cut in? Thanks!

Slowly on the stands a man stood there watching as SS and Obsidian lunge at each other weapons drawn ready to strike, but then, the man threw his dagger down upon them missing them both but slightly cutting Obsidians face, SS and Obsidian looked up to see the man slowly coming down to them.

"I am Forte master of elements and the Dark Arts!"

Slowly Forte picks up his thown dagger and starts saying an incantation. Then Lightning came down and struck SS, he fell to the ground.

"Now who is next for judgement?" said Forte looking at Obsidian...