Posted by Strike

If you're up for it, I'd looove a good ole' spar with the Ishmeister! XD XD XD They always had a way of making me grin!

Mmm... soo let me know if you're up for it, and you know, choose one or the other. You know what I'm saying.

Posted by Ishy-ish

From what I can recall, this is the first time I've had a thread with...part of my name in it, SO WHY NOT?!

You can come up with the arena, I'm bad at that.

Posted by Strike

Out of sheer curiosity, is Ishy still around?

Posted by S

His post count is 30. If he is, it's been awhile.

Posted by Strike

Yes, well... considering I was sixteen when I first sim-battled Ishy on VGS, and he was here on the boards about a year ago and I am now twenty-three... there could still be a chance in hell he might check, eh?

Posted by Crono

Check to see if you can send him an email? LOL

Haven't seen him since the last time I was on VGS and I had a post count of like, 30 there because the only time I was ever there was to get the HGE vs everyone thing going LOL

Which really would have been more fun if we had continued it and not let it turn into a whinefest BTW.

Posted by Ishy-ish

Hey guys.

Am I late?

Posted by Strike

Nevah! ISHYY!!!! What's been up, dude?

Posted by Ishy-ish

Nothing much. Just living out the rest of my high school, applying for colleges, all that fun stuff. A shame I have no real idea what I'll major in or what my primary ambitions are. But I shall prevail!

So how's it been going with you, Strike? I'm guessing the board hasn't seen a whole lot of action in a while, but eh, what can you do.

Posted by Strike

Mmm... hard at work, getting married this July (which also explains the hard at work thing, lots of financial preparations to make) and in my spare time... a bit of World of Warcraft here and there, lol.