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You look like someone who might be able to put up a descent, intelligent fight... which for these boards is often rare. I haven't simmed in years, but I'd like to ungunk my mind a bit... care to help me clear my sinuses? Your pick; first turn or arena.

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I just have one question first, ortho? or unortho?

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As someone that was simming around on VGS and VGC since the beginning of both boards, I STILL get confused when people say 'ortho' or 'unortho', so I'm gonna say... traditional. Does that answer your question? If not, please be patient, I never really participated or cared about those debates regarding 'ortho' and 'unortho'.

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Haha I didn't know what those two ment since Elles told me. XD Ortho is allowing reaction, Unortho is every attack hits. Elles and I are doing an Ortho RP right now if you are unsure.

He does both? Hmm okay I can work with that Strike~~ You can have arena~

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Strike's features were light with pleasure, as a euphoric feeling tingled upon each of his senses. His pockets jingled with tokens, his fingers itched for the familiar feel of the controlls... little kids ran this way and that about him. Strike had lived for hundreds of years, had wisdom far beyond anyone else who bore his twenty-year-old appearance, and yet, as a man, he could simply not put aside his desire for an occasional good run around the arcade.

OOC: Yeah, it's corny, silly, and even tacky - but I think it could be fun. Sorry for the lack of detail, I'm short on time, but I assure you'll I'll be more on top of it from now on.

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It was raining that day. The clear blue sky covered with clouds, no light penetrating. Barely anyone was on the streets of the small town. One person in particular stood out, walking in the middle of the car less streets. The foreigner walked, dressed in all black, her real outfit covered under a waterproof coat. Her scarf however was soaked and trailing on the road behind her. Her deep sapphire eyes were looking every which way; it almost seemed as if she’d never been in such a town before. In a way she was shaking out of fear? But the stranger was feared in her homelands, how did only a town make the young women tremble in fear? Perhaps it was just the cold rain, the crudely cold rain. However it was apparent that this girl wasn’t used to such surroundings. When a car came and honked at her from being in the center of the road the girl flipped back scared of the noise. She held up her hand and created a ball of black fire. Throwing it swiftly at the car, it and the person inside burned up in moments. People on the sidewalks screamed and ran for shelter. The loud noises scaring the young women making her throw smaller balls of black fire at every person she saw. Soon giving up on trying incinerating every person she saw, she seemingly sat down and hugged her knees rocking back and forth. Her fox ears twitched after mere seconds, every noise in the town racked through her, tearing every fiber of her being. Standing up with a jolt she glared at every single building, making many black flaming balls of fire on every building, and innocent people burning with it. She finally shot the arcade as she walked up the street, destroying every machine inside, and normal people soon to be burned up as well.

(ooc: sorry my opening posts are slightly short, my character is not used to towns/cities as you can tell =3 bic: )

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I hate to pop in like this, but just wanted to say I'll be keeping my eye on this bout here. See if Strike still has it ;-)

Lets see a good showing.

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OOC: Man, I was replying on Thursday, and then it deleted my post, and I was out of time. Sorry! Here it is...

[COLOR="lightblue"]The *Aether swelled with panic, and even excruciating pain. Strike's cheery game of Pacman had come to a screeching halt, his man swiftly surrounded by colorful ghosts as he stood frozen, sweat beading his forehead as he intimately wept within for each soul that passed through the Dream World, into the unknown beyond.

Strike reached out with his mind, through the Aether, looking for hints of what could cause such devastation. He got an image of a girl, through others' eyes, though the girl's mind was shielded from him. What in the world? Why would a girl behave this way? The answer eluded him - and yet all the same, there was people's lives to consider. Strike grit his teeth, turned about quickly, forgetting the game and ripping the joystick out violently, so that sparks flew in it's wake. He dropped the worthless plastic, and bolted -
through the burning wall, plummeting right into Sai (sorry if that's not her name!) and projecting both of them in a straight line through the air, and through the front display window of a sporting goods store. Strike stood up, untangling himself from a rack of fishing poles that clattered in an agitated manner.

A brilliant flash illuminated the shop, and The **Order of the Rose appeared in Strike's right arm, shining brilliantly as a spell was cast, through Strike's mind and the Aether, shielding all nearby mortals from danger. It was quite a spell to keep up, wearing on Strike's energy resources, but he hoped it would buy them time to escape the scene.

"What is WRONG with you??" yelled Strike, trying to stay calm and yet full of emotion for so many precious, wasted lives. "Have you no reverence for life?" Strike here resisted the urge to call her some beastly manner of foul names, indicating her inhumane lack of soul, but he thought - being as this was a child of sorts - he ought to hear her side first.

He held his sword at ready, though.[/COLOR]

* The Aether - The Spirit World, the Dream World, the alternate reality - this is a plane/realm of spiritual energy which reflects this one. In theory, nothing can exist in reality without it first existing spiritually - thus were all things, including existence itself, formed. The Aether is where all this spiritual energy rests, it is boundless and uncontrolled, ever-present. Strike's power comes almost solely from the Aether, through his ability to wield it. The Aether is omnipotent - Strike is not.

** The Order of the Rose - a Ninja Toh (katana-like, but straighter and a little shorter) of a heavenly, silvery metal. It cannot break, does not need sharpening, and has a silver chain hanging from it's hilt, which holds a one-inch orb gem of the purest white (The Dragoneye) which glows faintly with it's own luminance. The blade is heaven-forged, heaven-sent, and obviously... holds an amount of heavenly strength. The blade itself, blessed upon him, is uniquely linked to Strike.

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