OMG I just got done with my first multiplayer MPH

Posted by Sk2k52

I think I had 3 orgasms by the time it was all over.

It was 3 matches, the first 2 I got slaughtered horribly, then I tried my 3rd character I had, spire, and won the game 7-3-3 (it was 3v3 xD thats alot of 3's)

omg that was sooo amazing. Post the time you lost your game virginity and how it went here :D

Haha after all that my legs feels all weak and wobbly, that was jsut simply amazing! ^^

Posted by MGamer

lol I'm a newb at it too I got it yesterday. I was playing multiplayer with this guy 1 on 1. I was Kanden and he was Samas and I owned him 7-0. It was sweet.

Posted by MGamer

what is your friend code for MPH so I can add you. Here is my information.

Name: Mgamer

Code: 2620-6081-2600

Posted by Sk2k52

added :D

My code is 5412-3370-4121, if anyone wants to play MPH with me, jsut contact me on AIM whenever =D

Anyone else wanna share their first time now? dun be shy ;)


Haha, the first time I played online was against my friend, who had also picked up the game. We'd sparred against each other a year previous with the demo cartridge that early birds got when they picked up the DS... I was expecting a bloodbath of intense fighting...

Unfortunately it just ended up that I chased him around the map with a shock coil until he choked.