So much for pushing my luck.

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So I was just thinking how I haven't been here in a while and how nice it would be to catch some activity. Then, of course, I remembered where I was coming, and also remembered it's not four years ago.

Any "old-timers" have some haven they still participate at that I'm unaware of? I've been having a strong urge for creative writing ala this fashion lately and am having no luck fulfilling such desires here, save for one fortunate thread with a friend.

If anyone IS breathing, I'll toss out an open challenge just to keep things on topic. Let me have the arena.

Let's see if anyone replies within a month...

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Forget 'this month' - how about 'today' instead? Nid... I accept your challenge - with grand enthusiasm. Please, by all means, post your arena as soon as humanly (or inhumanly) possible so I can begin to clear out this rust which has undoubtedly clogged the creative writing portion of my muddled brain. Time to clear my sinuses.

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OoC: I'm so sorry about such a horrible delay. I've been engaged in many things both physical and emotional but I now have steady time to post and I'd love to complete this if you're still game, Strike.


The white sand along the island shores glistened under the glare of a high, mid-day sun. Calm tropical winds stirred gentle waves amoung the crystal waters, causing the tide to rise and fall in broken rhythm. The place seemed oddly serene; even the clear skies dared not to hinder this scene with a single puff of cloud or weather.

Nido sat perched on a small dock, his legs crossed over and into each other in a meditative style. Which is nearly what he was doing as he seemed to inhale the essences of his surrounding energies like a breath to the lungs. Taking in the serenity and absorbing the tranquility.

So Nido sat, staring off into the vast void of rolling wave and wind as he indulged himself in a new energy. A powerful one, at that, and one he knew very, very well.

A scar along Nido's face seemed to burn into his flesh as the anticipation approached climatic status. There was no need for fear at this time; the source of this power was soon approaching, and Nido rose from his prone position.

The wave rose, fell back and broke as a gentle gust stirred the calm.

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OOC: Sorry for my own delay, dear friend - but now that I know it's moving, I'll be checking more often. Also, I'll send you my current number via private message - be sure to check them! Forgive me for my intensely rusty style - I'm hoping it'll clean up as we move on.

The waters pulsated under Strike's feet, tossing steadily and gently like a large spirit. Strike padded softly towards shore, strolling casually on top of the water. He was a vision representative of great religious feats - a reminder of the one and single most powerful entity to ever traverse this planet. Strike stood as only a crude action figure compared to the real thing, but nevertheless, in the very act, the simplicity of this glorious act left a sense of awe and reverence to any who had the opportunity to see it.

The waters stirred, agitated by the convergence of two auras of power, as each warrior became acutely aware of the others' presence. A scar along the cheek began to burn with intense delight, as a crooked smile lit Strike's already peaceful features. The water-walking vagabond rolled up the sleeves of his navy sweatshirt, unzipped the front to allow freedom of movement, exposing a plain black T-shirt. He now quickened the pace of his walk, his feet shod with black Vans, as is his custom.

Strike's black hair, which falls to about his eyebrows, blew behind him and out of his eyes, as a soft gust filled the air. The two auras of power rubbed against each other like two balloons, filling the elements around them with it's static effects. Nothing nearby would escape manipulation this day - the clash of power would be too great, and too terrible.

Strike began now in a run, his black cargo pants flapping gently, but not loosely, in the wind of his velocity. He could see Nid now, with his naked human eye, though he had long seen him in vision. His expression exploded from peace into that of pure joy as he approached the deck and leaped upon it from the water, only creating the smallest ripples across it's surface. He landed hard on the wooden dock with both feet, instantly erecting his posture. He threw his arms out, and embraced Nid in a bear hug.

"Brother!" he exclaimed, holding Nid back from him and indicating his scar, "We are eternally bound, and yet... I have not seen you in ages."

OOC: Sorry... It's just been so long, that I feel a little RP is appropriate before our swords clash. Is that allright?

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OOC: But of course.


-"Indeed we are", responded Nido, addressing the matching scar upon his own face with a point of the finger. "I have been well, but it has been too long since I've met a worthy adversary. After all, I can't say I've any other meaningful scars after all these years" Nido laughed, seemingly oblivious to the torn, ripped, and otherwise mutilated flesh which had healed, naturally at times and not so at others, hundreds upon thousands of times over the years. "I certainly don't expect you to restrict your powers over our friendship, now," Nido said, sliding the dark robe off his shoulders and casting it aside into the breeze. "I'd much rather walk away with another wound to remember what a good battle is like."

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Strike smiled.

"Well now, you know how I hate death," said Strike, rolling up his sleeves, "but that definetely doesn't mean I'll be taking it easy on you. I empathize with you too much; it IS really hard to find a good fight nowadays."

Strike shivered with excitement, which he felt reflected in the quivering forces congregating in the Aether. This was it... he'd longed for this so long, he couldn't even remember how long it had been. Thoughts and images flashed of ancient battles; the most eminent being a torn temple enveloped in flames.

An omniscient silence fell, filled with a kind of glorious nostalgia. And now both warriors were here to re-create such a clash...

a [URL=]Clash of Legends[/URL].