Posted by Yonaka

So, who wants to battle me? Come forth anyone who dares to challenge me. Yeah, I just won my first battle, and am anxious for the next. So who shall step foward as my opponent?

Posted by Elles

I've got a few extra hours/days/weeks available, so I'll have a go. I'll be using Elles and will leave first strike and arena up to you.

Posted by Yonaka

Blaise walked along the shoreline looking at the clear blue sky. It was a beautiful day out and Blaise wondered how Kiki and Raoul were fairing. The sand gave way under Blaise's feet as she walked through the cool sand. All of a sudden Blaise felt a presence following her.

Blaise wipped around and found herself staring into the eyes of a man. She didn't hesitate, she just attacked. The man was thrust back about twenty feet by the energy from Blaise's attack.

"I suggest you stay back if you know what's good for you. You definatly don't want to mess with me." Blaise said.

Posted by Elles

As he strode down the sandy shoreline, Elles's hair was whipped lightly by the warm breeze, typical of the new season. His feet crunched softly on the light sand as they lay down upon it, the light sound almost rhythmic in its fluctuations. The gentle roaring of the nearby ocean echoed him as he walked, a soothing sound that flowed like the wet tides themselves.

Yet the inner-workings of the man could bore stark contrast to his environment. Though he walked with the peace and grace of one tranquil and at peace with the world, Elles's mind was a mess of swift, hasty thoughts, comparable to a nest of angry bees. He had been following the essence trail of one of the Fallen but it had suddenly ended in this area, as if inexplicably snuffed out by a metaphorical ashtray. Now, as he combed the beach once again, Elles went through the possible means of escape for the fifth time in the hour.

Nearing the edge of the beach, Elles suddenly felt something close by, something he had not felt before. Essence, similar to but different from the trail he had been following, had abruptly appeared near by, only a few yards from where he stood now. Turning, he began to follow the erratic flow, which eventually led to a girl, who was also treading the beach's shore.

As Elles started to analyze the pattern in her aura, the girl suddenly stopped and turned to face him, the speed of her movement whipping up the sand in a fine mist. Bright green eyes looked into his, freezing him for but a moment. However, that moment was enough for the girl, who lashed out with a seemingly invisible force, throwing Elles back several feet.

"I suggest you stay back if you know what’s good for you. You definitely don't want to mess with me," she said.

Though her attack was sudden, Elles's reflexes soon took hold. His toes, though buried in his boots, pushed down powerfully upon the earth to reduce the attack's power. The sand too, acted as a natural cushion, allowing him to gain his bearings easily. Regaining his posture and brushing off his cloak lightly, Elles stared back at the girl. Her odd powers were strange certainly, but it seemed they were not something to be feared. It looked as if ordinary methods would suffice.

Rushing at Blaise with immeasurable speed, Elles drew his right arm back while simultaneously lifting his left hand to his face, though none of the movement could even be registered to any onlooker's eyes. The girl's eyes could not even widen in horror before his fist plunged into her stomach, sending her form flying backwards into the sand. Leaping into the air, his waving cloak obscuring the sun, Elles continued his attack with a kick to the girl's prone form, further injuring Blaise's stomach with the impact of his iron boot. The power of this final attack allowed Elles to flip back into a stance, while causing a stream of blood to issue from the child's mouth.

"Still alive…?" he inquired softly, his body prepared to attack if necessary.

Posted by Yonaka

Blaise spit the blood in her mouth onto the sand. She looked up at the man and smiled.

"It'll take a lot more than that to kill me." Blaise said. Already she could tell that this would be a worth-while fight. Blaise slowly floated to her feet. "you're pretty fast; but so am I." Blaise rushed at Elles so fast that he didn't see her coming.

Blaise's fist made contact with the right side of Elles' face. Then she quickly dropped to the ground and kicked Elles' feet out from under him. Elles fell to the ground and landed on his back. Before he could get up, Blaise stamped her foot into his stomach so hard that Elles twisted to his side and threw up all over the sand.

"So, you still wanna fight, or do you want to see what it's like to loose to a girl that's much smaller than you?" Blaise said as she kicked Elles in the side.