Hunters: 4 Story Mode Areas Revealed

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Yeah, I just got a new issue of Nintendo Power, and theres several pages about Hunters, including Story Mode areas.

Unlike in previous Metroid games, the levels in Metroid Prime Hunters are spread over vast distances in outer space. Samus must return to her ship when she wants to jump to the next area. The ship serves other purposes, as well-you can examine your logbook, save your progress, and adjust game options while inside it.

Like in Metroid Prime, Samus begins her mission with the Scan Visor-a device that allows her to examine and record features of her surroundings, including relics, monsters, and even apparitions that resemble the lost Alimbics. Use the Scan Visor everywhere to gain clues about your mission and your location.

Celestial Archives-Samus' journey begins at a space outpost called the Celestial Archives. Despite having been long uninhabited, the space station remains in decent condition. It is made up of large, cylindical chambers connected by short corridors. It is one of these large chambers that Samus first encounters an opposing bounty hunter- Samus will have to duel the deadly Kanden on her way towards claiming the first Octolith. But Kanden won't be her only challenge; a multitude of savage creatures prey upon the unwitting visitors to their makeshift homes.

Once Samus has acquired more-advanced weaponry later in the game, she will need to return to the Celestial Archives to get the second Octolith. Her path will take her along the outer rim of the space station, a section battered and broken by years of space debris and total neglect. The route is riddled with harrowing jumps and tough enemies who are looking to knock her into orbit.

Alinos-Looking around as Samus' ship lands at her second destination- an oasis in the middle of a lava lake- it's hard to believe that the Alimbics once inhabited a place like Alinos. But as Samus passes through the caves that lead away from the landing site, the fiery passageways open up to a rock cavern. The large opening appears to have once been a hub of Alimbic society; a quick scan of the area reveals symbols of the bygone civilization, as well as doors heading in all directions.

Since most of Alinos is accessed through this open area, it is the perfect place for predators to lie in wait. Samus will encounter monsters native to the barren land, and she's also sure to cross paths with other bounty hunters on numerous occasions.

Vesper Defense Outpost-Samus' next stop on her quest is another space station. It is obvious that the Vesper Defense Outpost was designed to confuse invaders. Many of the chambers have transparent walls, making it easy to see intruders but difficult for them to penetrate deeper into the base. In later trips to the outpost, Samus will have to contend with a labryinth of warp portals that transport her to a series of similar-looking rooms. To make matters worse, the rooms are filled with brutal enemies, including Guardians- humanoid creatures that hunt trespassers in groups.

In several places on the space station, Samus will have to employ a classic manuever: the Bomb Jump. While in Morph Ball mode, Samus can launch herself into the air by releasing a succession of bombs, eventually getting high enough to grab items and reach remote platforms.

Arcterra-The planet of Arcterra is a frozen wasteland and, like the Celestial Archives, is run down from eons of neglect. Despite the excrutiating cold, Arcterra seems to have been quite a center of activity when the Alimbics roamed its halls. Many relics of the ancient civilization are still evident.

Unlike other areas Samus has visited, most of Arcterra's power is offline- she will have to use her Scan Visor extensively to get Arcterra's doors and computers working again. Samus will also employ her Morph Ball more in Arcterra than anywhere else- many of the areas are connected by long, winding passages too small for her to navigate upright.

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I should probably also mention that Hunters will not include ship fights/flying. Nintendo thought about doing it, but there wasn't enough room on the DS Card. :(

I also got a kickass poster of renders of the 6 hunters in normal and morph form.

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Oh man, this game keeps getting better. It sounds huge.

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I got that issue too... the levels look amazing. Not only that, there was an interview with one of the designers...

No, we won't be able to control the ship. However, the areas are so spread out, we use it anyways (similar to the bike in Pokemon Colleseum, I guess).

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I was kind of worried that Story Mode would be quite short, but now I'm positive that it'll be good enough. And I'm absolutely amazed at how the graphics have turned out, considering the little card the game is on. I can't wait the 20 or so days it'll take for this to come out.

Off-topic: Best NP I've gotten in a while. Had stuff for Yggdra Union and Tales of Phantasia, and a Metroid Quiz near the back.

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BTW, that is an image of a reseacher from the Metroid Fusion intro, right?

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Yeah, that's one of the researchers that Samus was with on SR-388.

That might be the first NP quiz I've ever gotten a perfect score on.