Fight request to Elles.

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I challange thy lazy bum who took years to post his profile. Arena.

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You want arena, or should I?

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You may if you so desire.

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The lightning streamed forth from the heavens, God's rage upon these accursed lands. Pelting rain issued from the heaven each second, affirming the name endowed upon these barren hills; "Hell's reservoir." The clouds are always dark in theses lands, causing the daily shower of falling rain each and every second of the day. No plants live here, save one; a type of yellow grass that can survive without sunlight and is deep rooted enough to avoid being swallowed by the sea of mud. As for the beasts… none live here, not even humans. Though many attempts have been made to colonize these lands, none have succeeded; the shifting lands and constant rains have buried much in their time. Hell's Reservoir was so well known for its dangerous lands, that it was thought none could travel through it- At least, so they thought…
Elles walked through the grassy fields-or, maybe, walked is not the right word; levitated, is, perhaps, more accurate- levitated, a cushion of water holding his feet from the brown slosh that was the ground. He seemed unbothered by the torrent of rain that gushed down from the sky, even though the water soaked his clothes and chilled his flesh; he was much more interested in his duty; finding and eradicating the First Creation. He had been tracking the aura of one for some time, and it had led him to this place. Reaching out with his powers, Elles searched once again for the signal of his prey. There was no doubt; the First Creation was here-and very, very close.
A sudden spike in the aura reading of his target attracted Elles's attention; the objective was quickly moving closer; and its power was more than he had anticipated. It was so powerful, that he could not pinpoint its exact location; its aura was all over the area. Closing his eyes calmly and drawing Sariaav, Elles calmly drew into a neutral stance. It seemed that an open fight was unavoidable.

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A small meekly tap upon his back seemed efficient to get him out of his trance. Quickly she flipped back. Sai seemed normal. Her eyes a blue, but not just any blue, the powerful dark sapphire blue one most likely found in diamonds’. This color eye gave her this slight caring look, but only slight. Her long hair rolling down her back with a small waving flow, while her bangs wet and laid over her right eye. The rain pelted down upon it, allowing no anti gravity curl to be up. Her clothing consisted of a mere enlarged turtle neck black rain coat. The turtle neck part big enough to cover her mouth. Moving down something so easily spotted was a shovel, stained in dry blood. The wooden handle seemingly so shredded and bent, that it would be painful to use. An elucidation to this was Sai’s black leather cloves shielding her raw hands from a mere splinter that is most likely to happen.

Her eyes weren’t open completely, more so in a lazy callous position. Her eyes unmoving but scanning him none the less. Feeling no internal threat from him just stayed in her human form. Any other form would prove as unnecessary. Sai felt no need to talk at this point, of things being self exclamatory. The ground swayed slightly but still she stayed planted in the mud. Thing being she had two black flames on the bottom of her shoes so her speed would not be affected by the mud.

Her ears perked slightly being they still had the muscles of her fox ears. She pushed away the sound of the roaring storm just focusing on him, and him alone. Her ears able to pick up his faint breaths of air, other then that no other sounds came from him, which was good for she enjoyed the pelting sound of rain thudding on the ground and her.

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Spinning to face Sai, Elles skipped back slightly, surprised she had gotten past his keen eyes. Quickly studying his opponent, Elles was surprised at Sai's appearance. Her odd, modernized clothing was out of place with the ancient robes usually worn by the ageless First Creation. The bent shovel cradled in her gloved hands also seemed out of place; a crude weapon in comparison to the exquisite blades usually handled by the angelic principalities. But Elles could not sway from his obligation, no matter how strange his enemy; his duties must be carried out. Flourishing Sariaav in his white hands, he prepared to attack.

Raising his left hand to his face in a smooth, swift motion, Elles called the water out of the ground to surround Sai in a shining dome of rippling, silver liquid. At first the water was clear, almost like glass, but then it clouded over, slowing hardening as it was cool rapidly into ice. The coldness of the rains could not compare to the frosty sphere in the dell, encasing Sai in its icy interior.

Elles wasted no time to think, not even to make sure Sai was still held within the bubble. He had been chanting the incantations to a spell of lightning even as the orb had been rising up to trap Sai, even though the water running down his face threatened to slur the words. Now, bringing his hands up to the sky, he summoned the lightning in all its power. Yellow and white bolts of pure energy began to fill the heavens, lighting the lands in their glory. It was as though the Cataclysm was beginning once more.

“Let the light of God absolve your sinful form.”

Bringing both his hands back down in Sai’s presumable direction, Elles brought his divine lightning to bear upon the glassy dome and, like the numerous droplets of rain, Heaven’s rage fell unto the land. Thousands of volts surged through the orb, crackling as it struck and pierced the magical ice walls again and again. The ice began to liquefy as the heat from the electricity ran through it, though it was barely held together by the magical bonds. Light, like the sun the land had never known illuminated it brightly, giving it the illusion of day for but a moment. And then the lightning was gone, though anything it had struck must have surely been hurt by the raging bolts.

As the lightning subsided, Elles unleashed his final assault, imploding the silver dome. The magical chains on the water suddenly shattered violently as the pressure within the sphere decreased severely and the ice rushed inward, shredding anything it might touch, even if it was a shallow brush. Sharp chattering sounds filled the air from the blades cutting each other, vaguely reminiscent of the sound of piranhas devouring a fresh corpse.

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As he spun to face her and skipped farther from her she monitored his sluggish movements. Neither his non elegant steps nor the way his feet actually stepped properly upon the ground. Call her obsessive compulsive if you wish, she is merely a child of sophistication. Every step she made was just about as perfectly placed as one could be. Her dark sapphire eyes scanned his attire for a split second before landing on his face. Such a surprised looking face at that. Her eyes scanned over his every emotion in his face, in his eyes. Her face blank without a shred of emotion within her. That merely was because of her past families, the cold hearted people made her the one people see today. Her eyes moved down to the sword cradled snug in his hands. She stared at the blade, no emotion of its shimmering beauty sparking within her hallow body. It was merely another object nothing more, nothing less.

His other hand rose to his face in the same sloppy manner that he had skipped away before. His hand had no form hovering in front of his face, just there, no support, just there. He dark eyes moved to her feet of which a pool of water had formed. She returned her gaze to the man before her. Her skin freezing up, destroying the skin and tissue as it rose above her. Once all the way round her she grinned lightly, though this was unseen by him though the fogged glassy dome. She was quick on her feet to think as she molded a glass doll of her self using the dead skin on her arms and neck, only re generating more skin to preserve her UN saved skin. She stood the doll in her place and formed a symbol with her pale hands.

Meanwhile outside the dome Elles was jittering up his incantations, but it was in vain. He was too caught up in murmuring the witch craft to even make sure Sai was not creating a escape rout, of which she was, of which he did not know, did not comprehend, did not see. His hand rose upwards, Sai saw this and knew he was going to finalize his attack and she had to hurry, though every movement with her hands was graceful she took her time making sure she did it right and did not stray just because he was going to finish the assault soon. “Let the light of God absolve your sinful form.” Her keen ears picked up and she again grinned more menacingly this time as she finished her hand symbols and disappeared from her icy tomb.

Picking a nice blotch of dry ish mud far behind his vision she watched the show of her supposed death. His hands brought down, directing the natural terror towards her doll of dead skin. Sai’s eyes reflected the light; surely it would blind any normal person, though on Sai it did not cause harm. It was something no one could figure out about her, she was the darkness, she was the demon, she was something ruined by holy light, however, she was unmarred by the godly rage. Unblinkingly she watched the ice dome turn to water but held up by his magic. Such pure magic at that. A classic fairy tale type magic, the knight in shining armor came to destroy the dark demon that terrorized the people in his country. Sai being the demon Elles being the knight. Before it even reached Elles’ ears she heard her doll scream in agony. Feeling no remorse over her now deseed duplicate she watched Elles. His brooding silhouette figure watching his attack, as if it was doing its purpose.

She watched him curiously as he jolted slightly, her eyes moving towards the dome now breaking down, the spheres of ice shredding though her precious doll. Her doll, stone cold dead, and bleeding where she was pinned, she looked very much like the real thing; it was so similar so that Elles would mistake her for dead. Sai, Dead? At the mere start of a fight. Not likely. The real Sai returned her gaze to Elles. She couldn’t read his facial expression from her distant but she could most likely guess he was satisfied with himself. Sai couldn’t allow him the satisfaction of knowing his attack worked, when clearly it did not.

She planted her feet on the dry mud in an ever so faultless way. Jumping into the raining sky. Making a flip and positioning her foot to strike down upon him she sore down to him, almost like a falling star caught in the gravitational pull. Her foot about to inflict hard pressure to the small of his back, and if her foot so thoughtfully hit she would use him as a backboard to flip away from him in a much elegant manner. She stood about seven yards from him if she flipped back, wearing a childish smile upon her pale face. “Let’s play a game...” She spoke for the first time since their meeting. Her voice was of a menacing child, the darkest demonic child ever, although Sai disguised her real voice within this innocent dark child like voice there was still a hint of it within the words.

As she waited for him to say yes or no to her proposal of a game she sung an enchanting melody to herself in the same child like voice.

It's like I'll disappear as soon as I close my eyes
I feel like I've turned into someone that even I don't recognize
Sadly, I've become so small
I want to be rescued, but instead of sighing
I vomited up my loneliness, and just lay there, measuring it all up

Amidst this drop of time gone dry
My heart is drowning and writhing
These lies that make me dizzy
I took them and tore them up
And with that,
I became lost
In a world of thin darkness.

For the sake of those whom I should trust
I chose to come here, a cage into which I've locked myself, and now
no escape.
Deep inside my parched throat
Lies the reason for this growing impermanence
Scared of the approaching tomorrow
I cower and collapse
But it seeks me out and whispers to me
This voice of thin darkness

Amidst this drop of time gone dry
My heart is drowning and writhing
These lies that make me dizzy
I took them and tore them up
And with that, I became lost
In a world of thin darkness.

She finished the song, her eyes had never strayed from his form, and she sung so softly to herself the words might have been too faint for the male to hear though the roaring sounds of the gods around them. Her hair was matted against her head, strands clung to her face. Droplets of water dripped off her lower lip and chin. Her clothing was soaked and she shivered lightly from it. Her shovel of which the dried blood soon washed off with the hard water.

(Song (c) Bana)

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It was silent at first, almost unheard; the light unmarred laughter of a bemused demon, a pure sound, but pure of malice and enmity. Slowly it rose, gaining slightly in pitch, emanating from Elles's widespread lips as he watched his opponent struggle to release herself from the shining dome. Aside from him, but still quite a ways away, his doppelganger, formed of water and crude essence, stood still, save for its hands and mouth, which were moving in accordance to the spell of water it was now placing upon Sai. Elles had formed the doppelganger in the split second he had skipped away from Sai, teleporting at the same time as to appear as though he had simply jumped back, as to reconsider the situation. Of course, what was there to reconsider? Her previous positioning, though graceful in look, had no practicality. This girl, for one of the fallen, moved so foolishly, as though she had never seen blood or tasted battle; an epitome of the saying "All style and no substance."

Now, even as Elles watched her, his keen powers allowing him to make the dome translucent, he noted how well she really lived up to that idiom. Gracefully, she moved, but there was no efficiency in the movement, no thought of where she was moving that leg, or that arm; rather thought seemed to be given more towards the smoothness of the action. Elles began to laugh again, as he witnessed her look at his doppelganger, a look of grim death upon her face. Such determination… and yet no practicality. A thin smile twisted its way across his face; she would have plenty of time to rethink her style in Purgatory.

But his laughter died as Sai got to work, forming a doll, exploiting the only loophole that Elles had left in his mimic's attack; it had never bothered to check whether Sai would remain present in the icy bubble at all times. It was a test, a test to see whether this foreign girl really possessed the ability to be one of the Fallen Ones. Elles observed that she would probably pass too, as he noted the doll emerging in front of Sai, forged from the union of flesh and glass. It was a classic move, the false body, used by masters of martial arts old and new. Yet, the technique still lacked originality, acting only as a detriment to her appearance. If she was really a master, she would have at least developed her own skill by now. But it was to be expected, from one who had no stains on her hands.

Forming a curious symbol in her hands, Sai chose this moment to disappear, leaving her false body behind her as her essence took flight, moving through the frozen barrier, just as the lightning rained down, tearing her effigy to pieces in a sharp, shredding noise, the sound of a dull sword tearing living flesh apart. Its expression of fear was priceless as it fell, burned and slashed, to the ground, blood flowing from its mouth as well as its injuries. But the real Sai was in no such state, for her last-second spell had sprung her well away from the Elles's attack, and quite a ways from Elles's doppelganger. However, the irony was that she had actually brought herself closer to the actual Elles. As she reappeared, Elles, sensing her essence immediately, spun around to bring himself face-to-face with her; or, rather face-to-back, as Sai had chosen to face away from Elles to face his imitation.

The two combatants now stood not more than a few yards away from each other, yet, neither opted to attack. Sai was too concerned with his replication to realize the real Elles was right there behind her, and Elles was beside himself with laughter, so much so, that he became more concerned with quieting himself than attacking his foe. Perhaps he really should let his copy fight her; it seemed like a waste of time for him to do it himself.
However, Sai moved before he could make up his mind, leaping into the air and making a flamboyant flip before trying to kick the fake Elles, in the back, totally ignoring the real Elles, though his aura was blazing so fully that all nearby should have felt his presence. A callous rejection...or perhaps a regrettable miscalculation. Elles smiled as Sai's bound began to arch, sending her feet to meet her target's back; he would make her regret it, alright.

In a swift moment, he sheathed his aquamarine blade into its sheath, sending a piercing shriek throughout the dell, and lifted a white hand up in front of his face. The fingers were posed there as he held them, most notably, the index and middle fingers which rested next to the man's thumb in a tense, yet strangely calm way. At the same time, Elles brought forth his other blue-veined hand from his left side, holding it gently in front on his chest openly, palm outwards, as if testing for the rain. For a moment he let them hang, eyes closed, and connection between Sai's foot and his copy's back seemed imminent. But, at the last possible split-second, Elles opened his eyes, bringing his left hand up and then down, back to his side. Through his fingertips, his essence unbound itself from him, seeping into the muddy earth and through the air, reaching outwards. Unimaginably swift the power was, and the mimic across the field shuddered softly as it was enveloped in it. Newly empowered, it turned to face Sai, spinning itself at an unbelievable pace, so that turned just before her foot grazed it, a heinous grin plastered across its face. No longer did it look like Elles - no longer did it even look human, its once flawless features now twisting into the face of a demon; one of the Crude Ones.

So it was then, and then no more, as Elles finally brought forth his right hand, swiftly bringing the middle finger to swish harshly against his thumb, bringing forth a sound inconceivable from such a small instrument. And, as the clamor echoed ruthlessly in the muddy hills, the doppelganger burst, showering anything so unfortunate as to be near it to be enveloped in scalding water. Steam began to rise from the affected radius, clothing anything near in a white cloak of warm fog.

Moving closer to the edge of the hill he was situated on, Elles looked down upon that white cloud, which became ever smaller under the constant pelt of rain. As his feet stepped delicately on his watery platform, Elles brought both of his arms up to rest, crossed upon his chest.

"Is the extent of your power…?" he wondered, his voice but a whisper, that was eaten up by the racket of the thudding rain.

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Soft coos of melody escaped the girls pale lips, the melody lost in the sound of pounding rain, and the heavenly roar from above. Her back turned but yet she knew he was there, holding in laughter. Laughter, what was that term again? To express certain emotions, especially mirth or delight, by a series of spontaneous, usually unarticulated sounds often accompanied by corresponding facial and bodily movements. What was funny? It doesn’t take an idiot to realize what’s right behind them. Mortals even have a sense of when another is behind them. Although she did not turn to him she smirked lightly, her eyes shadowed by her sleek black hair.

A snap and she disappeared. However a new clone was right in front of his own. That clone was smaller and more child like as it began to sing a melody the other Sai, the original clone was stirring up some trouble else where of which ties in with the childlike clone’s song. Had the real Sai ever shown her true face in front of Elles at any point of this pointless battle? As the childlike Sai dealt foolishly with the other Elles, The older replica finished her spell and appeared in front of the real one, her own arms crossed before her chest as she stared him in the eyes, a tiny smirk upon her ruthless face.

“A battle of genetic copies….? Perhaps let’s start our own army of them from this fight….” She muttered to him, as she stood still only a few mere meters from himself. “What’s not to say you’re not a clone too, eh?”

At that moment a skeletal hand lurched from the ground and threghtened to grab a hold of the real Elles ankle. If she needed she’d transport to where that one was. [b](OOC: Just incase you want to trick me and what not! Ha BIC: )
More skeleton like hands emerged from the muddy ground and tried grab onto all parts of his body. The spell like bond on the skeleton's hands would pull him down and pin him to the ground but nothing more, And Sai would look down upon her “prey”.

“Killing you seems so boring….” She murmured in a soft voice as she floated above the ground. “And highly pointless if you ask me…” She said as she floated back and forth, in pacing motion thinking on what to do. A smile appeared on her lips as she turned to him.

Eyes blazing red, and a small click from inside her closed mouth, a larger smile spread a cross her face. She opened her mouth in a small o shape and blew out. A spirit, not hers, nothing identified wisped out and moved toward him reaching out and about to grab onto his arms, its face would be a few centimeters from his.

“You’ll learn why mortals call me “Saint Sei” soon enough my dear…”

The spirit’s ghostly white un-human lips dared to press against his in a deathly kiss. In seconds after the spirit would touch his lips the sprit would begin to breath in, its lips would still on his as it started to try and absorb his soul. Sai was grinning broadly in the back. She knew he was going to find a way out of this and she had prepared a backup attack just for it. She was un-cocky about her abilities, but she was not weak by any means. Looking at her own attack the smile soon faded and a more serious or somewhat sad face was upon her. Although a clone, it was connected to the real Sai.

The memories, those horrid memories of her past filling her mind as this attack was used….

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The town a blaze, a small, yet faint cry from a small child, from inside a burning hut. “Kusumu, Kusumu, Kusumu!” She muttered to herself. The girl was about the age of five, her hair was a blueish violet. Her eyes pale bright green that from a distance looked light aqua blue.

She was sitting on her bed, elbows on her knees and hands entangled in her hair. She was crying…Everyone left her for dead or had died themselves. Her windows were ablaze…Her room was even on fire by the door…No escape. She wept soft flickering red tears.

A crack and the ceiling was about to collapse above her, and she was beyond caring now to run…She was going to die one way or another. The smoke was filling her lungs and leaving her light headed…She stood up. About the height of 4’3”, the girl named Melfina, in the last moments of her life walked in a corner of her room and waited. “ikansen aegu!” She whispered in short breaths. Finally she fell and closed her eyes. She had fainted, but she would be dead soon from the fire.

Arms, in such a warming embrace….held her. The world suddenly was nicer, no more heat no more smoke. The angels had taken her, or so she thought. Waking up in a cold, cold cellar she looked around, chains upon her arms, legs and neck. “Awake I see…” a voice, one that shot every fiber of her being to oblivion, spoke in soft hypnotizing words. Melfina was in too much a daze to understand what happened next. Ghostly white lips upon her own lips, a spirit gave her the kiss of death as it sucked her own soul out. Tears flowed from her aqua green eyes as her soul was sucked from her. She still died, be it not in a fire, but another way.

Her soul later morphed with another to create the Sai people see today.

:: End small child flash back type thing::

A tear rolled out of the clone’s eye but it was lost within the rain. Raising her hand to stop the attack on Elles but sonly stopped and watched to see what would happen. Her pale gloved hand falling to her side as she limply stood there.