You know what to do...

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Well...I have returned, looking for some blood! Open challenge, I'll take arena, any takers?

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This board seriously needs to have a few vets throw down before the place goes up in flames. I got dibs on this one, but I'm too wiped out at the moment to create an arena, so that'd be great if you'd like to do the honors.

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Gladly Nid.

I'll have it up in 24 hours or less.

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....Or longer...LoL.

If you'll pardon my extended delay Nid, I'd really like to fight you once more, for kicks and such. I promise no further delays.

[COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]As DK settled upon the surface of the long-dead planet Meis, he couldn't help but smile to himself. Once, long ago, this planet functioned as the center of a vast interstellar civilisation. A race of techno-vikings once known as the Valari. For eons they wracked the galaxies, plundering, raping, pillaging, and taking whatever they wanted. When they returned victorious, they would come here to pray to their savage Gods. The entire planet had been a place of worship, cluttered with vast alabaster citadels and majestically marbled chapels, where the ancient barbarians prayed. Long ago, they were the scourge of the cosmos.

But not now, much to DK's amusement.

He'd given them time, and he'd given them opportunity to mend their evil ways, time to come to God. But they had not seen the light, they had not heeded his commands. So he'd decimated them, down to the last. He'd scoured the free galaxies clean of any Valari presence once and for all. His first stroke had been against Meis itself, leveling the holy planet in one fell stroke. It had been one of his most prominent acts as an Aegis. One he was most proud of. Now the planet was utterly abandoned, leaving only the ruins of those once vast and majestic citadels to tell the story of the Valari.

It was here he'd buried Rapture, the malicious techno weapon made for an Aegis. So frightful was it's destructive power that Coren had bade the UAC discontinue research on the project. Coren himself had taken the prototype for safekeeping. And here it was buried, deep within the surface of Meis.

Coren would come here every few months, to ensure that none had dared disturb the sleeping beast. He made sure it would never again rise from the soil to terrorize the cosmos. This had been some years ago, and he'd kept his word even to this day.


Something had changed about Meis. He sensed the presence of another. By his judgement, it had to be another Class A-1 superbieng like himself. As he reached out with his senses, a slow smile crept up his cheeks, and achuckle rumbled in his stomach. He knew. He knew exactly who was approaching. This would be an invigorating day indeed.::[/COLOR]

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OoC: Sorry man, I've been renegade lately and haven't had a computer where I was located. I'm all set up now, though.


It seemed as though the scent of blood still hung heavily in the air of Meis, and Nido couldn't be any more pleased. Coren's personal jihad of sorts against these pathetic people had brought Nido great entertainment. He couldn't help but salvitate at the sight of destruction; preferably- and usually- by his own hand. Nevertheless, this would have to do for the moment.

Nido's heavy boots helped to further crumble the already destroyed marble beneath his feet. The runic inscriptions suggested a holy structure had once stood here, and Nido wasn't surprised. His skin seemed to crawl with wayward energies undoubtedly cast forever into the ruins of the landscape.

As he approached Coren, Nido extended his arms outward in something between a salute and an embrace. After all, he had obviously been out of practice for quite some time. The forces-that-be simply hadn't brought any significant cause to his attention which required battle to solve, and this situation was no different. No, this was not a mission, by any means, but rather a rendezvous along the warpath; an old yet familiar face which met Nido's gaze in icy silence.

"I gotta tell you, man, this place is beautiful. Planetary destruction usually isn't my thing, but hey, we all have to make a living somehow. Good to see you're going strong."

Nido smiled, that sly, cunning grin which neatly revealed the glistening fangs which served as his inscissors. Fire danced in his crimson eyes as he closed in further upon what was now his adversary as Coren matched Nido's circling pace, weaving the two warriors around the destruction in a scene of modern art.

"It was certainly good last time, I must say," Nido said, drawing himself into stance and centering his internal energies. "Let's make sure we both still got the goods."

Nido took the offensive, and the battle was underway. A rapid forward advancement closed any existing gap between the two men, and Nido came out firing, lunging out with a forward elbow that caught Coren squarely in the jaw. Using his momentum to the advantage, Nido spun off of Coren at impact, slamming another elbow, a twirling backwards smash, into the Aegis warrior's skull.

Coren stumbled in half-retreat as Nido came to his original stance, this time kicking heavily off the ground as he propelled himself into aerial assault. Fire danced in Nido's eyes as he peaked his jump, quickly finding gravity as he dropped a snap kick into the general region of Coren's chest.

Coren was shot backwards from the weight of the blow, tumbling the man off of his feet and into a cloud of dust and debris at the Meis surface. Nido altered his stance, flowing in and out of his own martial arts as he waited patiently for Coren to recover, filled with the excitement that pain would soon graciously embrace both Coren and himself. A pain he long ago had trained himself to love and miss. To want, and need.

"Come for me, friend. Show me where you've been."