Love and Romance

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k by Omni, 178 views
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i think by netman, 171 views
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I'm hungry. by Omni, 169 views
landon is a gun-toter, pedophile by Poco, 169 views
ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Jesse Smith, 169 views
i will blingee u a pokemon avatar post ur pomemon pic by Poco, 169 views
pic of my bedroom door (what i look at every night before i go to bed) by junior senior, 169 views
i just went to the laundry mat and i saw a retard!!! by junior senior, 169 views
What purpose, if any, does this place serve? by Albatross64, 169 views
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poco & iris' anime wedding by junior senior, 168 views
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can somebody change my avatar to this by junior senior, 167 views
i am a fan of video games and anime what is good for me to post by Poco, 167 views
Jesse should try & get a job at AdultSwim by n64 man, 167 views
picture of me and panic by junior senior, 167 views
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Wow by Omni, 166 views
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ur ****** mom stole my couch! by , 166 views
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me and speedy are cool now by Poco, 165 views
The entire world knows by WackoHater, 165 views
petition to change website's name to VIDYA GAEM CHATZ by Stalolin, 165 views
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vgc is back yo by mis0, 165 views
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わたしはくらは, you are worthless by Poco, 164 views
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troll title by Arcadios, 163 views
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blank space on my closet door..what should i put there by junior senior, 163 views
poco answered and hung up on me by junior senior, 163 views
fun js fact by junior senior, 163 views
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fat ***** on jerry springer by junior senior, 162 views
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if you think video games are art by Poco, 154 views
hay guyz lol by RandomizeR, 154 views
guys i am unbanned in a month by Poco, 154 views
my picture by cool gamer dad, 154 views
why was i banned? by jack A.K.A cooldude, 154 views
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i sent in my employment forums for a health food store by junior senior, 154 views
wackohater are you circumcised? by junior senior, 154 views
my nuts are large by , 153 views
I took a shower today. by Omni, 153 views
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I should stop posting. by Poco, 152 views
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tyler durden- by Slade, 150 views
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yo vamp by Poco, 150 views
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new catchphrase found by Poco, 149 views
velvet nightmare is probably a pedo, ban him by Poco, 149 views
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if u read this u are a by Poco, 149 views
ever see this commercial by junior senior, 149 views
comcast got hacked by junior senior, 149 views
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corrupt has a bad habit of IMing me when I'm in the shower and/or asleep by Klarth, 147 views
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my real opinions on video games by Poco, 147 views
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( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ by Arcadios, 145 views
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6 years of lisa left-eye lopes dying today by junior senior, 145 views
DBZ WOOOOOOOOOOOOO by GokeSSJ3fourthstage1, 145 views
yo by w00tlord420, 145 views
hey guys im back from my sabbatical. by Poco, 145 views
random video of the day. by Red, 144 views
Everytime I see this video... by Xero, 144 views
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WackoHater by Omni, 143 views
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you guys, i dont know how to apply lip balm by junior senior, 143 views
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has speedfreak made a thread about metroid prime 3 gettin 10/10 from nintendo power by Poco, 142 views
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im gonna be the 145 state champ this year by Poco, 142 views
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the only good pc game to come from japan is Ys by Poco, 141 views
k by Omni, 141 views
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i propose we make a new subforum to stop the spam crud by BRobinsonHVV, 141 views
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**** the Alliance by MottaTheHutt, 141 views
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the olsen twins are looking pretty hot nowadays by junior senior, 140 views
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petition for my period to come by junior senior, 140 views
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cloud 9 by Poco, 139 views
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Jesse Smith and Chica 'get married'!! by avalanch, 139 views
is it wrong i dont want to hang out with a kid who still thinks snakes on a plane is by Poco, 139 views
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ff 10 fans suck by G-Sides, 138 views
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Major Troll and MoronHood going on here ! by WackoHater, 138 views
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Iris unban junior senior by Poco, 137 views
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over 400 guests in the arts & graphics board. wtf? by n64 man, 136 views
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i am a real american by Poco, 135 views
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metal gear solid 4: greatest game? by Poco, 135 views
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diffrence between puppet and gimmick accounts by Poco, 134 views
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extensive research has told me that by Stalolin, 131 views
Horrible Disease Help Me Hotline by Roger Smith, 131 views
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im deep as **** ewhen drucnk and high by Poco, 131 views
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NAME CHANGE YO. by Crazy K, 129 views
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kids dont play video games or youll end up like speedfreak by Poco, 129 views
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i teach cam whores quantum physics at midnight by Poco, 128 views
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1 week of online time at VGC by Grave Wisdom, 127 views
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knife by Klarth, 126 views
itt reasons why poco is a fag by Anti-Poco, 126 views
solguy please keep all your glorious nippon defense force stuff itt by Poco, 126 views
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t. boone pickens by junior senior, 126 views
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poco why are you banned by junior senior, 125 views
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my mom listens to elephant man by junior senior, 124 views
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drunkd posting only threadlk by Stalolin, 121 views
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nadesico discussion 24-7 by Poco, 121 views
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new clear missile by Poco, 120 views
do any mmos let me SMOKE WEED by Poco, 120 views
poco come back by junior senior, 120 views
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i caught my mom listening to amy winehouse by junior senior, 118 views
ill ban u if u post in wacko u by Poco, 118 views
i applied to a new place by junior senior, 118 views
Windows Vista "Pause" Fix by _tech_guru_papa_, 118 views
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Awesome by Oforia, 117 views
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every thread. everythread is this by Poco, 117 views
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Everyone who missed the Bukkake on JS chat by Roger Smith, 116 views
iris:worthless animu faggot? by Poco, 116 views
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best game ever itt by junior senior, 116 views
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lunairetis to all:NO SIM BATTLE; I GO by Poco, 115 views
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post here if you've played bully by Poco, 115 views
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I hit the big 1G sooner than expected by xuclo, 115 views
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i just found a magic lamp in animal crossing next to a tree by junior senior, 115 views
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I'm back... by Proto Man, 114 views
question for u guyzz by Chewbacca, 114 views
im texting poco by junior senior, 114 views
itt oforia admits his artist fetish by junior senior, 114 views
a top quality powerlevel website by fgame, 114 views
husband and wife jehovah's witnesses just came to my door in a black suv by junior senior, 114 views
who plays toontown by junior senior, 114 views
No regrets about gaming! by fedrik, 114 views
On Second Thought, Don't Rep Me by WackoHater2, 113 views
when two fags go to war by Roger Smith, 113 views
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over 4200 working proxy sites by avalanch, 113 views
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wheres panic by junior senior, 112 views
today in dunkin donuts/kfc.... by junior senior, 112 views
i just drank 24 1/2 oz. of syrup by junior senior, 111 views
since im banned can some mod make where i can look at my user cp by Poco, 111 views
FREEDOM OF SPEECH, MOTHER ****ER!! by junior senior, 111 views
lol by Omni, 111 views
THE MOTHER****IN' SNORKS by Linko_16, 111 views
im on tv now :) by junior senior, 111 views
ok i ate so much yesterday im gonna **** it all out soon; countdown til i do so! by junior senior, 111 views
itt we discuss snake's butt by maian, 111 views
i made a topic in the moderator board by Stalolin, 111 views
tomorrow is going to be joyous by mis0, 111 views
the gay rights thread is the greatest by Poco, 111 views
i beat solrok in brawl by junior senior, 111 views
move that thread 2 wacko u by Poco, 111 views
hottest nsync video by junior senior, 111 views
whats gonna happen if i leave my external hemorrhoid untreated by junior senior, 111 views
what are your favorite underwear styles by junior senior, 111 views
i give cam shows give me your credit card number by Poco, 110 views
I have a cold by Crazy K, 110 views
my cat! by cool gamer dad, 110 views
i just took the grossest carrot **** by junior senior, 110 views
Question. by PokemonFan, 110 views
my cat is on my lap by Stalolin, 110 views
im on tv by junior senior, 110 views
post ur xfire by Poco, 110 views
im on the phone with poco by junior senior, 110 views
speedfreak i didn't know you had a hardon for fallout 2 by Poco, 110 views
Da poast lke a nub thred by avalanch, 110 views
hey poco am I still banned? by oxpecker123, 110 views
lmao guess which racial slur im laughing at p. hard right now lmao by junior senior, 110 views
I am a scum bag by WackoHater, 110 views
poco are you YCS posting superstar Hernando by BLUNTMASTER X, 110 views
LOL by mis0, 109 views
This article... by Proto Man, 109 views
For ***'s sake... by Xero, 109 views
Consider by Sapphire Rose, 109 views
post in the idiot box by Poco, 109 views
Kinda I want to by Omni, 109 views
im on tv right now by junior senior, 109 views
we ned to create an eartyh fedeation and send colonies into space by Poco, 109 views
Jesse Smith is too dumb to be alive by WackoHater, 109 views
toke by junior senior, 109 views
No Ridley! by TimeSkipz, 109 views
You guys are jerks Unban WackoHater by Max Mouse, 109 views
post here every tme speedfreak makes a **** post by Poco, 109 views
#061402 where do you live by junior senior, 109 views
i completely beat mario kart wii yesterday by junior senior, 109 views
junior senior stop posting by Poco, 109 views
poco got $36k from a college by junior senior, 109 views
Moron Vamp has ruined this forum by WackoHater, 109 views
worthless smod likes worthless poster by Poco, 108 views
[dopeman ripz] by Poco, 108 views
Realastate by LJ1000, 108 views
420 daily by Poco, 108 views
poco by junior senior, 108 views
whats your favorite word by junior senior, 108 views
new ringtone RIGHT NOW by junior senior, 108 views
lulz... er is dis bann month? by Darth Vader, 108 views
i miss the old days of hacking by Poco, 107 views
Yo, WackoHater, is this you!!!! by Jesse Smith, 107 views
ive recently discovered how to burn game son the DC by Poco, 107 views
lets vandalize wikipedia by Poco, 107 views
itt: *** exists by Stalolin, 107 views
OK WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL by Darth Vader, 107 views
IM A GAY by Poco, 107 views
i bought the wow battlechest today by Poco, 107 views
im agy by Poco, 107 views
From Bjarni to Wikipedia: A Special Message by Klarth, 107 views
bury me deep just to cover my sins by junior senior, 107 views
junior senior did you ever consider by Stalolin, 107 views
An Obama White House: What will it be like, what will its legacy be? by Poco, 107 views
I AM VERY MUCH A MORON !!!! by WackoHater, 107 views
star fox sucks by Poco, 106 views
ff7 by Poco, 106 views
knights of bad poasting by Poco, 106 views
i have whooping cough by junior senior, 106 views
Any conspiracy theorists here??!!! Was it really Iris??!! by Jesse Smith, 106 views
next member to get banned: AnnaPornStar by junior senior, 105 views
who plays club penguin by junior senior, 105 views
IS THIS CUTE? by junior senior, 105 views
MY TIME SPENT ONLINE: by junior senior, 105 views
Wii Would Like to Play! by Proto Man, 104 views
Panic, get professional help by Omni, 104 views
wackohater by Poco, 104 views
Wacko University is awesome by Grave Wisdom, 104 views
Max Mouse: by junior senior, 104 views
hey fagliche by Poco, 104 views
solrok why are you obsessed with me by junior senior, 104 views
poco when are you getting unbanned by junior senior, 104 views
HELL YEAH, I'M THE MOTHER****IN' PRINCESS by junior senior, 104 views
No wonder Wackohater keeps coming back.. by avalanch, 104 views
arcadios why arent you in school by junior senior, 104 views
6 hours of that 70z show by junior senior, 104 views
jEzzIe dUMbBELL PLEASE HANG YOURSELF by WackoHater, 104 views
im gonna get this computer by junior senior, 104 views
S by WackoHater, 104 views
How to recognise different trees from quite a long way away by Klarth, 103 views
sonic 1, 2, or 3 for wii by junior senior, 103 views
TOTAL Gay?!! by TimeSkipz, 103 views
Bakura sited on NewGrounds BBS. by Tyler Durden, 103 views
when i was 16 i bought my first mercedes benz by Chewbacca, 102 views
BBQ by Oforia, 102 views
acheron is bakura by Poco, 102 views
My avatar sucks by Roger Smith, 102 views
mud kip by Stalolin, 102 views
itt confessions by Roger Smith, 102 views
im using a srt avatar by Poco, 102 views
can clicking on the anime board become an instant permaban by Poco, 102 views
TOTAL Crazyness by TimeSkipz, 102 views
{[420sw]} POST YO PIX CREW by Poco, 102 views
wave your cursor over this over and over again by junior senior, 102 views
hip hop harry today by junior senior, 102 views
I'm in ur vgc by Roger Smith, 102 views
Junior Senior, you are a famous moron by WackoHater, 102 views
i like the bartender by Chewbacca, 101 views
i just took a **** by junior senior, 101 views
RITE NAO by mis0, 101 views
shenmue dead by Poco, 101 views
im going to make a srw thread in the rpg games board by Poco, 101 views
im on tv running on the dock to get a leaf by junior senior, 101 views
black moon is the most nonsensical thing I've ever seen by Stalolin, 101 views
TOTAL CMON! by TimeSkipz, 101 views
Average wow Powerleveling price be falls during Christmas ! by fgame, 101 views
bakura by junior senior, 101 views
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I challenge everyone in brawl by oxpecker123, 101 views
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js im me by Poco, 97 views
Yah ***** yah by Hyperactive Poster, 97 views
this is pocos hot voice talkin on the phone last night by junior senior, 97 views
i hope they elect hillary clinton. by Poco, 97 views
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Requestings special noticement actions from a mister Roger Smith, kthanks you- by Tyler Durden, 77 views
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hmm... by syndrome, 74 views
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JS listened to Junior Senior over 2,500 times last week! by Omni, 73 views
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worst black people names by Poco, 73 views
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one by junior senior, 70 views
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over by junior senior, 67 views
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Positive/Negative Reactions Towards Contestants by Linko_16, 66 views
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PS: Disclaimer: This post has been altered by the administrator of this forum, Jezzie by WackoHater, 64 views
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the by junior senior, 61 views
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HE WAS A SK8TER BOI SHE SAID SEE YA LATER BOI by junior senior, 61 views
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i got panic as a ringtone lkol by junior senior, 61 views
Thug Devotion by junior senior, 61 views
my uterus just howled by junior senior, 61 views
aw jamie smokes by junior senior, 61 views
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rep rape wackohater by final kaoss, 58 views
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niggaz and blunts by Poco, 55 views
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