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Kingdom Hearts Trivia Game by Tysis, 22254 views
Rep Plaza by Red, 13082 views
New Smash Brothers Brawl info... by Prince Shondronai, 10621 views
Check out how crappy the Revolution controller is by Draxamus, 8855 views
Smash Bros Wii by Ant, 7563 views
Wii Friend Codes by Dexter, 7512 views
Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Codes by Zelda_Guy, 7096 views
The Blank Page - A New Story Inspired by the World of Kingdom Hearts by Sak, 5417 views
Super Mario Galaxy by Colonel, 4686 views
Revolution 'Price Tag' by loony636, 4500 views
Kingdom Hearts 3 -- Too "Generic"? by niglet, 4317 views
Super Paper Mario by Bebop, 3566 views
Argument from Fate's Picture Thread by Porcupine, 3409 views
Revolution Revealed by Vampiro V. Empire, 3288 views
MP3 Anti-Hype spoke to soon!! by Drewboy64, 3264 views
I think the Wii sucks; here's why by Albatross64, 3148 views
Revolution's real name - It's official. by Klarth, 3122 views
kingdom hearts 2 glitch by Roxas, 2593 views
Wii by Alta, 2438 views
Favorite Organization XIII Member by Acheron, 2164 views
Red Steel by Drewboy64, 2142 views
If you could change anything in KHII. by Xenos, 2133 views
Dissapointing Zelda by Ichigo54, 2101 views
Is KH3 going to be on PS3 or PS2 by Jazz, 2048 views
More Worlds? by boomstick, 1927 views
Chapter 10 Mateo/Septero & Angela Side by Riku Dark Badass, 1834 views
Animal Crossing City Folk Pikmin Hat by Zelda_Guy, 1828 views
Chaoter 18, Gummi Ship batles and Windy Cities by Wally The Weird, 1781 views
What Wii games are you guys looking forward to? by DeathScape, 1774 views
Chapter 16 by Riku Dark Badass, 1720 views
VGC Big Brother by Klarth, 1698 views
Official Wii Reviews Thread by Axis, 1673 views
Chapter 23-Destiny is a Cruel Reunion by Arcadios, 1668 views
Why is the Wii selling so fast? by Random, 1666 views
Chapter 11 - Dawn's Return and the Fall of Darkness by Sak, 1654 views
Pre-orders start tomorrow... by Prince Shondronai, 1575 views
Kingdom Hearts FAQ by Xenos, 1562 views
Fave Wii Games by ChimcharFan, 1522 views
Prologues by Sak, 1495 views
Why I will be buying a Revolution and not a PS3/360 (and why Nintendo will never die) by Captain Cleanoff, 1484 views
REVOLUTION SCREENSHOTS HERE by Speedfreak, 1462 views
The Blank Page General Discussion by Sak, 1453 views
Note from King Mickey? Still a big mystery! by burpo, 1409 views
The State of the Community Board by netman, 1405 views
Kingdom Hearts II just got AWESOMER! by Aioros, 1385 views
Top 5 Most Wanted Wii games... by Prince Shondronai, 1383 views
Chapter XVII-Rebirth by Arcadios, 1350 views
I hate Europe/UK/BBFC/Rockstar. (No More Heroes) by Speedfreak, 1305 views
I knight thee Sir Sonic by Zeta, 1300 views
Chapter 14 by Wally The Weird, 1298 views
Mario Kart Wii by Bebop, 1258 views
Mario Kart: Now with motorbikes! by BLUNTMASTER X, 1252 views
Kingdom Hearts The Movie by WackoHater2, 1250 views
Red Steel Multiplayer by Proto Man, 1221 views
Rumour: Revo's new name revealed tomorrow? by Klarth, 1203 views
who is your favorite char. from kingdom hearts??? by ~Snake~, 1202 views
Revolution... or not? by Atomicgames, 1174 views
Revolution: Available for Download by Vampiro V. Empire, 1166 views
Main Bad Guy dude by Riku Dark Badass, 1145 views
Wi-Fi Good News, Bad News by Zeta, 1144 views
Is the wii the end of the line for nintendo consoles? by final kaoss, 1112 views
Hardest Boss by Phantom75230, 1103 views
Wario Ware: Smooth Moves by Drewboy64, 1099 views
What collour should the Nintendo Revolutions be? by RAHU, 1092 views
Revolution Controller extension mock-ups by Drewboy64, 1084 views
Keyartist by Dreadnought, 1084 views
Super Mario Galaxy by BLUNTMASTER X, 1077 views
Chain of Memories remake for PS2 by Zeta, 1070 views
Wii's Potential? by S, 1043 views
Nintendo Revolution's ability to play past games by loony636, 1033 views
Wii work out by Speedfreak, 1032 views
What now? by Speedfreak, 1025 views
Wii Issues by Hyper, 1019 views
Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ and Re:Chain of Memories by Sean Fury, 1001 views
Chapter 15 by Sak, 991 views
Zelda Wii? by Saruman, 991 views
"Project Deluge" - The Zelda game Nintendo has been hiding? by maian, 990 views
Kingdom Hearts - HELP AND GENERAL DISCUSSION by Xenos, 988 views
Link's Crossbow Training by maian, 987 views
Wario Land Shake by Zeta, 986 views
A HARD ZELDA? NO THANK YOU, SIR! by Vampiro V. Empire, 984 views
Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop by Speedfreak, 981 views
Soul Calibur Legends... by Prince Shondronai, 973 views
FREE VC GAMES FOR EUROPE!!!! by Speedfreak, 972 views
resident evil by muffla, 958 views
Fate by mis0, 955 views
Tales of Symphonia 2 by Zeta, 955 views
Chapter 25 - Charlie's Angels Much? by Sak, 935 views
Mickey Vs Sephiroth by Special Agent Bob, 935 views
Empty Book by Wally The Weird, 934 views
Wii RPG Games by Dexter, 934 views
megaman vs axel lol by Ant, 932 views
No More Heroes by Colonel, 926 views
Kayne's story by Wally The Weird, 921 views
VC Games You Bought by Arcadios, 917 views
Regarding Spoilers - READ THIS FIRST by Linko_16, 911 views
Far Cry Vengeance by Vampiro V. Empire, 907 views
Castlevania fighter by Zeta, 906 views
Is it me... by Pit, 902 views
Red Steel, WTF by ccrocker58, 900 views
Can someone recommend me a wii game? by Poco, 869 views
Will you play the new Zelda using the Wiimote? by Bebop, 865 views
New Mario Galaxy pics/trailer by Drewboy64, 863 views
Woman Dies in Wii Contest by WILLETH FOR MONTHS, 860 views
What's so special about Kingdom Hearts? by MottaTheHutt, 858 views
Is The Wii a fad by clearlytheman, 853 views
OMG THIS IS SUCH A BIG DEAL by Fate, 843 views
I got banned from Wireforums again by Klarth, 841 views
The most annoying heartless by Phantom75230, 837 views
Nintendo's Press Conference by WILLETH FOR MONTHS, 836 views
Are you getting Super Smash Bros. Brawl? by protomanv4, 836 views
Guitar Hero 3 Wii version sells for $9,100 on eBay by Axis, 832 views
Sub-Chapter: Reflection In The Demons Eye by Wally The Weird, 827 views
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep by SoraKeyToLight, 825 views
Gamespot are crazy. by Speedfreak, 814 views
Zelda: Intro and New Trailer, hands on/review by Vampiro V. Empire, 812 views
awwwwww, whats wrong fate by Lord of Spam, 810 views
Demon's demise by Wally The Weird, 806 views
Playing different characters by Jazz, 805 views
Mushroom Men by Fate, 805 views
Would Superior Graphics Be Worth It? by Dexter, 801 views
Mario Strikers Charged's online is fapworthy by Drewboy64, 800 views
Super Mario Stadium Baseball by Arcadios, 799 views
Nintendo Revolution Wish list by NintendoREV, 796 views
Launch Price HINTED by Klarth, 782 views
Kingdom Hearts III release date by gamerz, 779 views
this is the thread where i lampoon vgcers by Klarth, 769 views
Dead Rising - From 360 to Casual by Big Boss, 769 views
Check Mii Out! by Colonel, 768 views
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World by Alastor, 765 views
Heartless or Nobodies by Jazz, 764 views
Possible Revolution Video by Hyper, 758 views
June Revolution? by Speedfreak, 753 views
i r lerning by Lord of Spam, 752 views
Chain of Memories by maian, 751 views
Kairi a keyblade bearer? by Red, 751 views
Just spent most of my bank account on a Wii... by Hyper, 751 views
*SPOILERS*Amazing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Info by fireshade24, 748 views
Replay value of KHII by Oblivion_Wielder, 745 views
boogie on the wii by froggy777, 744 views
NEW ZELDA SHOTS by Speedfreak, 740 views
Nintendo trademarks "!!M" by Klarth, 735 views
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers still in development... by Prince Shondronai, 730 views
Nintendo's Reggie speaketh... by Prince Shondronai, 726 views
Wii hates Light by Bebop, 724 views
Dark Secret - Day 8 by Sak, 724 views
[Mod War!!!] Infraction for Poco: Only registered to SPAM. by Vampiro V. Empire, 721 views
Will too much confusion lead to people just buying what is out there? by rockinrocket, 718 views
ROXAS WHAT IS THAT GUY ABOUT???? by dodge, 717 views
Want Nintendo to support HDTV with Revolution? by Speedfreak, 714 views
Chapter 22 by Riku Dark Badass, 712 views
New Revolution News: Controller and Price. by Axis, 703 views
Kingom Hearts 2 : Sephiroth by NightmareBassX, 700 views
How hyped are you about Revolution? by Drewboy64, 698 views
Nintendo to replace 3.2M Wii straps by redrum666, 698 views
How much is KH and KHII nowadays? by Sean Fury, 694 views
What is ur favorite keyblade out of all the kingdom Hearts by killacow127, 692 views
Keyblade/Keychain Theory by Sean the Wicked, 692 views
A successful Revolution? by obryen, 687 views
getting secret ending on normal?? can it be done by deathdealah, 682 views
i cant even remember....... by killingspree, 678 views
KH3... by Phantom75230, 676 views
Mario Party 8! by Dexter, 674 views
Chapter 9 by Sak, 673 views
Slot Illumination by Dexter, 673 views
KH2's "Proud Mode" by Arczu, 672 views
can someone please explain :( by Red, 670 views
Darkness Advanced by Jesse Smith, 667 views
light or dark by drake27278, 667 views
You might want to read this if you like Kingdom Hearts. by Litbut, 666 views
roxas info...?? by Sora+Kiari, 658 views
Where are the games? by Axis, 658 views
Revolution Information. by Hyper, 657 views
Current Wii Game by Dexter, 655 views
Only a Wiik left! by Bebop, 654 views
Lets talk launch by Bebop, 653 views
The Story Behind the Fake Revolution pre-E3 video by Big Boss, 650 views
zing me the best and win a fab prize by Poco, 645 views
Okami on the Wii. by BLUNTMASTER X, 645 views
IGN Wii Reviews - trauma center/wii sports by Drewboy64, 637 views
Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, Thread by Cruxis, 633 views
Darkness Advanced, grow the hell up by Speedfreak, 632 views
Dark Secret - Day 15 by Roxas Lover, 631 views
SABEL WINDD by Poco, 629 views
The Versatile Wii by ccrocker58, 628 views
The End: Once Again by Wally The Weird, 627 views
Revolution's Possibilities by Drewboy64, 619 views
I love Masahiro Sakurai. by Drewboy64, 617 views
Awesome news about Zelda by Speedfreak, 608 views
Next Wii shipping... by HfsJunky, 603 views
RE Umbrella Chronicles - New trailer by Klarth, 601 views
Wii Jacket by Ant, 600 views
Nintendo Gets Sued Again by Degeneration, 594 views
IGN Rev is up finally. by Drewboy64, 587 views
SSX Blur by maian, 586 views
First Call of Duty 3 screens by Klarth, 581 views
Chapter 37 by Sak, 581 views
Wii Reviews from EGM by Axis, 580 views
New Wii info! by Speedfreak, 579 views
Regarding Anti-Form by Sean the Wicked, 577 views
why the hell aren't 3rd parties backing the wii as much? by final kaoss, 577 views
Wii Shop Channel by Dexter, 576 views
Bully: Scholarship Edition. by Colonel, 569 views
Mario and Sonic Olympics by Zelda_Guy, 568 views
Wii Jackets! by BLUNTMASTER X, 566 views
Chapter 12 by Riku Dark Badass, 565 views
The End by Wally The Weird, 565 views
Wii's are selling like hotcakes! by Proto Man, 563 views
Chapter 7 by Arcadios, 562 views
Chapter 33 by Sak, 561 views
Wii Fit Calls Little Girl "Fat" by Alastor, 559 views
9 million Wiis in 2 months by Speedfreak, 558 views
Wii Blaster, gun peripheral... by Prince Shondronai, 557 views
Call of Duty 3 by Drewboy64, 555 views
Chapter 40 by Sak, 554 views
Wireless headset confirmed? by Drewboy64, 554 views
WooHoo fight tomorrow. by Killer Jordo, 552 views
Kingdom hearts 3 theory by jackal_caboose, 552 views
Nintendo not revealing Revolution at E3 by Hyper, 550 views
Should Metroid Prime 3 have multiplayer? by Drewboy64, 550 views
Wii launch date?! by WILLETH FOR MONTHS, 548 views
The latest NiGHTS Into Dreams rumor... by Prince Shondronai, 548 views
Shell by Bebop, 545 views
Why... by hypnotize_, 545 views
Revolutions Real Controller by TendoAddict, 541 views
People Yelling At Each Other (split from rant thread) by Trigger, 538 views
Final Internets! by Drewboy64, 535 views
MadWorld by Panic!, 534 views
Mystery Nintendo Revolution Pic by inequity, 532 views
Unite by iPwn2, 532 views
Photos of finalised retail hardware by Klarth, 530 views
Know What I'm Just Realizing? by Sean the Wicked, 530 views
Insane Wii Advertising! by BLUNTMASTER X, 530 views
What wii games have u bought or gotten sofar? by Unite, 527 views
Post kh and kh 2 glitches here :) by Riku7787, 526 views
Smash Bros site updated! by Drewboy64, 525 views
Wii Fitness Pad by scylla, 525 views
Kingdom Hearts artwork from various artists. by Xenos, 524 views
Wii US Commercial by Speedfreak, 523 views
Flying Wiimote by Shade, 521 views
New Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles garbage... by Prince Shondronai, 519 views
Mii Emulator by Bebop, 510 views
DVD Wii by Proto Man, 509 views
Dead Space for the Wii by ExoXile, 508 views
Interesting article 2 by Bebop, 506 views
Wii Wi-Fi by Vampiro V. Empire, 504 views
to all the morons who h8 4chan by Lord of Spam, 503 views
You were saying something about beat 'em ups? by Speedfreak, 502 views
Nintendo Channel Coming to U.S. by Alastor, 502 views
formal request to Iris to get off my nuts by Bj Blaskowitz, 500 views
Clover Studios is back... by Prince Shondronai, 500 views
Forecast Channel - Wednesday Dec 20th by WILLETH FOR MONTHS, 497 views
EGM's latest April Fool's joke...I hope... by Prince Shondronai, 493 views
Chapter XXXV by Arcadios, 492 views
Stupid Americans by Bebop, 491 views
What's the future of Metroid? by maian, 490 views
Factor 5 back with Nintendo by maian, 490 views
Women of VGC by KoH, 484 views
this has to be said by muffla, 484 views
IGN: Metroid Prime 3: The Anti-Hype by Axis, 483 views
My Apologies by Riku Dark Badass, 482 views
What Wii games come with "free" accessories? by junior senior, 481 views
Ski(i)tzo Goes Wii! by Skitzo Control, 480 views
Revolution FPS controls by Drewboy64, 477 views
MP3: Corruption by Ant, 475 views
fav KH character??? by WalMarT, 473 views
Sean Fury by Dreadnought, 471 views
Bad News about Zelda by Bebop, 471 views
Wii to Computer monitor? by Malevolence, 468 views
Do you keep your WiiConnect 24 on? by Zelda_Guy, 468 views
People complaining about Zelda by Drewboy64, 466 views
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WiiWare You Bought by Zelda_Guy, 465 views
SSB Revolution Director revealed. by Drewboy64, 464 views
Wii Countdown by WILLETH FOR MONTHS, 460 views
kingdom hearts by frogspot, 456 views
Behind the flap by Klarth, 455 views
official request to see chicks naked by Bj Blaskowitz, 455 views
Furries by Staev, 452 views
Nintendo Power Okami Review by Big Boss, 452 views
New Namco RPG... by Prince Shondronai, 451 views
Wii Need Guns by Panic!, 447 views
Stagnant by Wally The Weird, 445 views
The good guy poll by Riku Dark Badass, 444 views
The Keyblade War - Chapter I: Liberation Of Transverse Town by Burning Inferno, 442 views
Nintendo Getting Sued Over Wiimote Design by LHoT, 441 views
Connecting to the internet by Vampiro V. Empire, 441 views
Play the Revolution! by Hyper, 440 views
Nintendo UK strikes again... by Prince Shondronai, 439 views
Favourite KH2 summon? by nick25, 438 views
Chapter 20 by Riku Dark Badass, 438 views
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What's going on with the Virtual Console? by Klarth, 437 views
ManHunt 2 on Wii by Y2kMISFIT, 437 views
Linko by Klarth, 436 views
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A sweet-looking Wii title without a publisher: Winter... by Prince Shondronai, 434 views
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Battery Life by Ant, 428 views
EVERYBODY VOTES CHANNEL by Drewboy64, 427 views
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Virtual Console: Updates! Good ones! by BLUNTMASTER X, 426 views
POSSIBLE KH3 PRICE POINT ALERT!!!!! by jefferey shalome, 421 views
Compare the revolution prototype to today's wii remote by Destructoid, 420 views
kingdom hearts 3 by nuwra, 420 views
Mario and Sonic together @ last by jeorge, 419 views
"Wii will suck" by Fadedblood, 417 views
Opinions on Classic controller? by Malevolence, 416 views
Coolest Black guy ever by Bebop, 415 views
Controller add ons by Bebop, 414 views
Launch day plans... by Prince Shondronai, 412 views
Wii Game ideas by Bebop, 410 views
~ Kingdom Hearts III (PS3) News, Disscussion, Info, Theories, Reviews, & Gossip~ by Cruxis, 409 views
Revised Empty Book Chapter 2 by Wally The Weird, 409 views
Rev Logo accidently revealed? by Drewboy64, 408 views
kh3 questin by drewk, 408 views
Sonic tries to get in Smash Brothers Brawl... by Prince Shondronai, 408 views
downloaded games by Vg200x, 408 views
DS Download Station, finally!! (and more) by Drewboy64, 408 views
More "leaked" Wii information? by Klarth, 407 views
My FPS idea by Drewboy64, 407 views
Say your fighting style by Oblivion_Wielder, 405 views
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OK kids, It's rant time. by PWND_U_IN_MK, 401 views
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The Blank Page - Chapter 1 by Sak, 386 views
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